DF-8 110V 220V Scraper Handheld Varnished Copper wire Stripper Electric Enameled Wire Stripping Machine

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Product Overview



DF-8 110V 220V Electric Enameled Wire Stripping Machine handheld Varnished  Copper Wire Stripper safe and reliable Wire scraper
1. Handheld electric enameled wire paint scrapper, rotating with special blade (three claw-shaped blades). 
2. Appliable for wire diameter: 0.3~3mm. Working length: 2.0~50.0mm. 
3. Rotation of blades is adjusted based on diameter of enameled wire: The thinner the diameter, the lower the rotation. The thick the diameter, the fast the rotation is. 
4. The production capacity is 600 pieces/h. It is suitable for enameled wire paint scrapping in electronic device manufacturers. 
Technical parameter: 
Applicable wire diameter: 0.3-3mm 
Power supply: 220v/50Hz  
Working length: 2-50mm 
Power: 25w
Paint scraper principle and accessories

1. DF-6 handheld electric scraper consists of an electronic stepless regulator, a single-phase series excitation motor and a three-jaw blade. It uses a lightweight and durable micro-drag switch and a rotating carbon brush. It has the characteristics of fast coating speed, high efficiency, simple operation, simple installation, stable quality, low failure rate, high production efficiency and novel design.
2. The fixed electric scraper consists of two parts: power components (single-phase and series excitation motors), and scraper and governor.

Operation method

1. Insert the end of the enameled wire to be painted into the center of the enameled wire. Press the knife holder, press the power start switch (hand-held) or the foot speed regulator (fixed), and the motor will rotate.
2. Move the enameled wire in the opposite direction of the axis until the end of the enameled wire, then you can scrape off the paint film. 3. Release the power button switch (hand-held) or release the governor (fixed). 4. Replace the job and repeat the above steps.

Wire diameter adjustment and related matters:

1 When the specifications of the enameled wire are different, you can adjust the speed regulator potentiometer (hand-held) or speed regulator (fixed). The wire diameter is smaller in the slow direction, while the wire diameter is adjusted in the fast direction.
If the film is not peeled, increase the speed until it is scraped off. If the enameled wire is cut with a scraper during speed adjustment, the speed should be reduced until the requirements are reached. According to the above method, the most suitable rotation speed is selected as the working speed of the corresponding wire diameter, and it can be considered that it has been adjusted.
2. When scraping the varnish to the end of the enameled wire, do not immediately loosen the three blades. The intersection of the cutting edges should wait for the tool to stop rotating and then release so as not to rotate, the enameled wire suddenly falls off the cutting edge and damages the cutting edge.
3. The shell is made of pressure-resistant plastic material, which is safe and reliable.
4. Before the enameled wire is scraped, the hand must be straightened to prevent the enameled wire from getting to the center of the cutting edge.
5. After a long time of use, you can unscrew the safety cover to remove the peeling paint film powder when the power is not available.

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