Germicidal lamp Disinfection UV LED Sterilization Light PIR Sensor Portable UVC LED sterilizer with rechargeable battery

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 Germicidal lamp Disinfection UV LED Sterilization Light PIR Sensor Portable UVC LED sterilizer with rechargeable battery

UV Light and Health Effects 

    The UV range of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum extends from 10 nm to 400 nm. Depending on the wavelength and time of exposure, UV radiation may cause harm to the eyes and skin.
    The UV spectrum is separated into four parts: UVA (315 nm to 400 nm), UVB (280 nm to 315 nm), UVC (200 nm to 280 nm) and UV Vacuum (100 nm to 200 nm). Decreasing wavelengths correspond with higher frequency radiation and a higher amount of energy per photon.
Product Parameters   
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 UV led strip Range

1.Long-wave ultraviolet  320-420nm


Application: Curing printing, beauty nails, insect trapping, jewelry detection, banknote counterfeiting, plant growth


2. Medium wave ultraviolet 275nm-315nm


Application: Medical phototherapy, animal breeding, plant growth


3. Short-wave ultraviolet 200-275nm


Application: Sterilization, food preservation, air purification, water purification

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UV-C light is very versatile and can be used for disinfecting water, destroying harmful micro-organisms in other liquids, on surfaces, on food products and in 'air'.
Biological Effect of UV Light While UVB radiation is widely recognized for its harmful effects on human skin and links to skin cancer, each of the UV bands (UVA, UVB and UVC) create different risks for humans. UVC radiation refers to wavelengths shorter than 280 nm. These wavelengths are entirely absorbed by our atmosphere and no natural UVC radiation reaches the surface of the earth. These wavelengths are available to us through artificial sources, such as UVC LEDs or mercury lamps. The intensity from point sources like UVC LEDs falls off as 1 over distance squared, and once it gets past the scattering length, it falls off exponentially. This means that 1) the further away the UVC source from a human, the lesser dose he is exposed to, and 2) the absorption length of UVC radiation in human skin is extremely short so that almost no UVC radiation can reach the living cells in the skin; all the absorption occurs in the dead cell layers.
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1) What are the best selling products in BESTTO?
- LED Strip

- Aluminum LED Profiles
- LED Under Cabinet Lights
- Connectors

2) What is the main market for BESTTO?
We are selling more to EU and North America because the markets have high quality standard for LED products. The rate stands our turnover up to 70-80%. But other new markets are increasing demand of the new BESTTO LED technology. We are also optimistic about the markets for other American and Asian regions.


3) What is BESTTO lead time for SMD 2835 led strip light?

Usually we ship orders in 3-10 Days. But it will take a little longer if with heavy burden of production task. It also takes more time with customized products.


4) Can BESTTO do custom assembly or offer OEM product?
BESTTO has gained a lot of experience on OEM assembly of LED strip lighting. The led strips can have different size, layout, customer logos and labels. We will strictly follow the principal that we won’t disclose or sell customer unique designs or jointly developed products to another third party.


5) Do you have warranty for products?
Yes, we have 3 and 5 years warranty for different kinds of products. During the period, if customers have the approval showing product quality issues and if certified by BESTTO engineers, we would request customers to ship back the failure parts and replace new items with the transportation charged being paid by us.


6) How to buy BESTTO products?
In most case we sell directly to customers worldwide, also we have already set up Alibaba Chanels,you can directly click "Contact Us" in the below to email us or make a call.We will respond with quick service maximum within 12 hours.

ETL Super bright high density 224leds per meter SMD 3528 led strip light

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