Cosmetic Grade Witch Hazel Extract Liquid Hamamelis Virginiana Alcohol-free Natural Floral Water Toner for Skin Care New

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Prodcut Name: Witch Hazel Extract Liquid

Latin Name: Hamainelis mollis Oliv

Appearance:Colourless liquid

Solubility: 100% water soluble


Main Functions: 

1. Acne and blemishes: Witch Hazel helps shrink, dry up and clear blemishes by acting as a topical anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent;
2. Hemorrhoids: Witch Hazel helps to shrink, soothe, and stop the bleeding of hemorrhoids, which are really just a form of varicose veins;
3. Eye puffiness: Witch Hazel is a common ingredient in homemade eye creams to reduce bags and puffiness in the eye area by shrinking the delicate tissue;
4. Sunburn: The anti-inflammatory effects of Witch Hazel are particularly helpful for managing the effects of sunburn and minimizing peeling;
5. Underarm Odor: Witch Hazel is antimicrobial and is effective as an underarm deodorant particularly if someone is sensitive to baking soda;







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