FKC-1 Microbial Air Biological Sampler

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Product Overview




Microbial Air Biological Sampler  FKC-1 

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Product description:

FKC-1 High-effective Microbial Air Sampler is a high-effective, lacunaris and inhalational bacteria sampler. It is designed by the
two theories of particles-impact and equal-flow-sampling. It can sample directly, and the sampling wind-speed and the clean-indoor
wind-speed are same, so it can accurately reflect the microorganisms concentration of your clean-room.When sampling, planktonic
bacterias with air highly-speed thrill through an ventage, and then they impinge on the surface of agar in the culture medium.
When these microbes live are been cultivating, they will be dynamic-hydrated, and then they are high-speed flowing. Sequentially,
we can procure results quickly.

FKC-1Planktonic Bacteria Sampler has an unique structure---an upper and a lower. The upper includes a sampling-mouth, a
sampling-seat and a pump.The lower includes a controller and batteries.Its sampling-mouth and its crust are made of high-quality
aluminum.Its surface is obturattedly processed, so it can be easily sterilized and disinfected before it be used.It has powerful
functions, large sampling-rate, stable capability, and easy to operate, so it has reached international forward level of similar
products.It is widely used in the fields of pharmacy factories, hospitals, biological products, food processing and public places
and so on.





Flow Rate


Flow Rate in Sampling Port


Sampling Port Design

Countless Pore

Display Mode

LED Display

Sampling Volume


Culture Dish Size

Φ90x15mm2(General size)

Power Supply

DC6V (AC and DC dual purpose)

Operating Time


Data Storage

56 page

External Size


Net Weight



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