Магнитная подставка Centro для приборной панели автомобиля (CT-100D), держатель для сотового телефона, подставка, современный и простой дизайн, автомобильный держатель для смартфона

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Hyfriend purses "Simple Life", and is the company based on life and health technology that enhances the value of customer satisfaction, "Basic and Value" with products that are faithful to the basics.
We strive to look at the world from the attitude of humanism that pursues comfort rather than convenience, and make our lives one step more enriching.

Product Description

Dashboard Magnetic Cradle (CT-100D)

Super strong magnet and super strong gel pad

CENTRO Dashboard Magnetic Cradle CT-100D

Powerful Magnet / Super Gel pad

- Super magnet phone holder for vehicle mounted on windshield or dashboard.

- Stronger grip with gel pad.

Various length / Various angle

Length up to 5cm

Rotation angle up to 180 degrees. 

By applying ball hinge type, fine angle adjustment is possible

Super strong magnet / Super strong gel pad

Various places / Various uses

Centro Dashboard Magnetic cradle can be used conveniently in various spaces as well as the vehicle.

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