Salty Semi-Soft Bean flavours crackers biscuits paper packaging box

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Osen (broad bean) is a Japanese cookie with many beans inside.

It has a very unique texture and is crisp. This product is the size we can eat at once,

it is a size that is convenient to carry. This product has a zipper for easy storage.

The product is designed to target young women and men. The design of this product is unique in Japan, it is designed to feel Japanese, and the reputation of overseas customers is also good.

It has just been released in Japan and is sold at convenience stores and GMS

in the Kansai area and Tokyo.







There are three reasons why it continues to be such a regular hit product.


First, portable and easy to preserve

This is the amount that you can eat all at once. With a zipper, you can easily preserve.


The second is there are plenty of broad beans in it. 

It is a Japanese cookie that uses flour and so it is relatively sweeter compared to rice crackers. The texture is similar to biscuits and cookies. There is little oil so it matches the light flavor of broad means and liked by people of many different age groups.

The third is the texture not found anywhere else in the world.

The unique crisp texture unlike cookies or snacks is the unique product characteristic. Using our company’s secret formula technique, we create layers of air inside the dough. That creates the crispy texture of “Osen soramame.”







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