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Graphene Lubricant Additive


Technical Features

♦ The modified graphene is characterized by its toughness, density,

extreme wear resistance, strong thermal and electrical

conductivity, no chemical reaction with acid and base, and large

specific surface area, which contribute to the super functional and

quality advantages of modified graphene lubricants

♦ Changed the mutual attraction properties of graphene

♦ Solved the problem of uniform dispersion of graphene

♦ Realized graphene effectively adhere to the friction surface



♦  Super excellent performances of anti-friction and anti-wear

♦  Save fuel by 12-18%, increase power by 10-20%

♦  Reduce mechanical noise by 4-10% 

♦  Reduce emission of harmful substances by 20-30%

♦  Extend the service life of engine more than 200%

♦  Extend the lubricants replacement cycle more than 40%


Application Fields

All mechanical equipment with lubricating oil (grease) can use this product , including the following industrial fields:  

♦ Transportation                  Petroleum Equipments

Power equipments               Mining Equipments

Engineering Machinary           Mechanical Processing

Military Equipments


Method of Use ( for Gasoline Engine )

1.  Replace engine oil and oil filter.

2.  Shake the Graphene Lubricant Additive evenly, filling it from

the engine oil hole. 100 ml is fit for 4 – 5 L lubricant oil.  





Packing:  Bottles in cartons.  100 ml or 500 ml in each bottle.


Shelf Life:  3 years in normal temperature preservation.

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