Jindex Car Foot Pad Cutting Machine Car Seat Cover Cutter Automobile Cushion

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Product Overview


Jindex Car Foot Pad Cutting Machine Car Seat Cover Cutter Automobile Cushion

Technical information/model
Cutting Area
Cutting Speed
Cutting Thickness
Material Fixed Method
Vacuum Suction
Command System
Compatible format of HP-GL,GP-GLand IPP-G1
Supply Voltage
AC 220V 380V ±10%,50HZ
Double beam, double working head, vibration knife + fluorescence four nozzle + punching round hole + feeding table 2M

For this machine has the following advantage:

1. Tools: vibration, v, round cutter; fluorescence four inkjet, circular knives, etc
2. Inkjet function: four fluorescent ink, inkjet,200 square meters per hour; fluorescence lineunder the uv lamp display only。
3. High precision Japanese MITSUBISHI motor
4. Double beam double head: the double cutting head working together, the efficiency is twice faster than single cutting head.Automatically assign cutting graphics and autom -atically avoid collision machines
5. Projection proofreadingsD projector fully projected layout to cut area, real-time fine show the location and content of the required pattern and layout.
6. Optional automatic partition adsorption, 8- 48 adsorption adsorption. Can follow adsorption, and automatically correct the table to ensure accurate cutting.
7. Conveyor table (optional): to achieve unlimited length of material cutting,high efficiency.
8. Infrared anti-collision device in line with international standards to ensure operators safety
9. Universal display adjustment frame Adjustable up and down, left and right

1.Industrial production:

With the technology and machine structure developed for mass production, Jinde platform cutting machine has become the only one qualified for industrial production Multi shift, 24 / 7-day cutting machine. Material cutting / handling and loading / unloading are carried out simultaneously. Fast service network to ensure on dutyWhen to provide spare parts. 

2.Take high speed as the standard of machine setting:

Jinde cutting machine system has a very fast speed! The excellent cutting speed is attributed to intelligent control technology, an advanced driving system,And proven knives. The optimized simultaneous cutting 'punching' four jet fluorescent inkjet improves the system.

3. Highest level of precision:

Jinde cutting machine is a kind of precision machine. At the same time, it provides excellent production efficiency and unparalleled cutting quality, from direct drive system to cutter.There are components that precisely coordinate with each other. You can produce tasks economically at the highest quality level. Attract you with perfect products Customer.

We are manufacturer to make machine.
We can make machine as your request.
So we strongly welcome all of you to get customization service.
To meet all our customers' requirements.
So you can tell us your detailed requirements .
Such as: cutting which material , need use which cutting tool, need how many axis and so on.
Please contact us free for more details!.

Please the the following different Configuration:

Configuration A (4 axis, Oscillating knife + pen)
Configuration B (4 axis, Oscillating knife+ Pneumatic rotary presser(notch)+ pen)

Configuration C (6 axis, Oscillating knife + V cut(independent presser)+ half cut head + pen)
Configuration D (7 axis,Spindle + Oscillating knife + V cut(independent presser)+ half cut head + pen)

The following is Optional , price need negotiate:
D1 (small CCD),
D2 (panoramic camera),
D3 (round punch),
D4 (typesetting projection system),
D5 (partition adsorption),
D6 (higher 60MM)
Note: Adding D1 and D3 functions will reduce the effective cutting of the machine.
A/C/D can be configured with D6 (60MM heightening).

We Will Pack Machine By Carton Or Wooden . 
We Will Ship Machine By Sea After Receiving Payment 7-14 Working Days. 
If You Need More Quickly, Also Can Ship By Air. But Will Cost More Expensive.
If Small Goods Or Documents , We Can Ship By DHL.
More Quantity Need Consultation .

Shen Zhen Jindex Stock Co., Ltd.  a high-technology company in professional R&D, manufacturer, sales and after service in CAD/CAM fields, that’s globally advanced and smart auto cutting machine manufacturer with full production lines for soft material and sales in 60 different countries oversea. 

Jindex senior R&D and production people have nearly 20 years experience in the high-tech CAD/CAM  industry. It has created a high-quality service team to serve nearly 10,000 customers at home and abroad after nearly ten years of development. Thanks to the praise of customers, we will work harder!worldwide. 

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