Высококонцентрированный фермент липзы

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Lipase Enzyme


Lipase ( glycerol ester hydrolase) belonging to carboxyl ester hydrolases, can gradually be triglyceride hydrolysis into glycerol and fatty acids. Lipase exists in fat containing animals and plants and microorganisms (such as fungi, bacteria and other tissues). Fatty acid is widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical, leather etc.



  1. temperature range: the effective temperature range of 30-60 DEG C, the optimum temperature range of 50-60 DEG C.

  2. pH range: effective PH range of 6.0-11.0, the optimum pH range 7.0-9.5.

  3. effects of metal ions on the enzyme activity of K+, Na+, Ca2+, and Mg2+ activated the enzyme.



1. product specifications: solid type 400,000U/g. Solid enzyme fineness (0.4mm standard screening pass rate: 80%).

2. the definition of enzyme activity: 1g enzyme powder, at a certain temperature and a certain pH conditions, the hydrolysis of triglycerides per minute generated 1 mol fatty acid enzyme,Is an international unit, represented by u/g.

3. the product standard: the implementation of the people's Republic of China 23535-2009 industry standard GB/T.



  1. the food industry: enough to improve dough handling and stability, enhance the emulsification. For the bread can increase the volume of bread, bread to improve heart structure; enhance the dough stability, better adapt to personnel, equipment, materials and other changes made of high quality bread; improve the taste of bread elasticity.

  2. the paper industry for domestic and foreign refining processing, pulp pre processing, resin barrier control, fiber modification, bleaching, wastewater treatment and so on.

  3. the feed industry can effectively improve the energy metabolism and animal feed application level, promote fat and protein absorption, utilization, reduce waste and diarrhea opportunities. Through the promotion of fat soluble nutrient absorption and utilization to add to the cost of pigment.

  4. the leather industry: by lipase of oil and fat decomposition, make skin fibre channel open. As a result, the water more easily into the skin, to achieve fast and uniform soaking effect. At the same time to remove the fat fiber material can easily penetrate the order making and action.



Newgen Biotech(NingBo) is the GMP standardmanufacturerwith R&D centerfor medical,

food &nutrition supplements, probiotics, fermented products etc. in China with GMP,

HACCP, ISO22000, Halal, Kosher, etc. certificates in China.

Our main products including Lipase, Alpha-galactosidase, Beta-glucan(from fungus, Sparassis Crispa Source), Kombucha, Probitics; Lactase (Beta-galactosidase), Serrapeptase, Proline Specific endopeptidase(PESP), Nattokinase, Invertase, Peptidase, etc, which are widely used in medical material, food and nutrition supplements.


What we can offer?

1. GMP standard high quality enzymes & nutrition supplemental products;

2. Full Technical Support;

3. Featured Competitive Products(Beta-glucan(SparassisCrispa Source),Propyl endonuclease(PESP), Serrapeptase,& Lactase)

4. Free Sample Test


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