Hot Sale High Purity Heat Resistance Al2O3 Aluminum Ceramic Crucible

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Corundum ceramic crucible, also known as alumina crucible, 99.70% of the corundum crucible is suitable for the temperature of 1650℃- 1700℃. The atmosphere of oxidation and reduction has good high-temperature insulation and mechanical strength. High thermal conductivity, small thermal expansion.Does not react with air, water vapor, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and so on above 1700℃.Short-term maximum service temperature 1800℃.
99.35% Corundum ceramic crucible has good high-temperature insulation and mechanical strength in oxidation and reduction atmosphere.

1. Corundum ceramic aluminum crucible is suitable for melting samples with anhydrous Na2CO3 and other weak alkaline substances as
flux, but not suitable for melting samples with Na2O2, NaOH, and other strong alkaline substances and acidic substances as flux
(such as K2S2O7 and so on)
2. Resistance to high temperature, acid, and alkali, cold and hot, chemical corrosion
3. The color is white or beige


Corundum Material
Al2O3 Content
SiO2 Content
g /cm3
Water Absorption
Compression Strength at Room Temperature
Leakage Rate 20℃
Torr/ L. Sec
Bending Strength
≤0.2mm 1600℃
Bonding at High Temperature
No Bonding 1600℃
Thermal Expansion Coefficient 20-1000℃
mm. 10-6/℃. m
Thermal Conductivity
W/ m. k
Electric Insulation Strength
VK/ mm
DC Insulation Resistance 20℃
Ohm/ cm
High-Temperature Insulation Resistance
1000℃ MΩ
1300℃ MΩ
Resistance To Thermal Shock
No Cracks 1550℃ for 4 times
Max. Temperature

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Henan Synthe Corporation adhering to more than a decade of manufacturing and promotion experience of the superhard furnace works on manufacturing and selling of Aludum ceramic crucible, Aludum ceramic tube, Aludum ceramic balls and Muffle Furnace, Dental Furnace, Tube Furnace, Vacuum Furnace, CVD/PCEVD Furnace and Heat Treatment Furnace. We continuously provide high efficient solutions and excellent after-sale service. We have advanced efficient manufacturing technology and an excellent team, Looking forward to cooperating with you.


1.Is your company accepting customization?
We have our own factory and excellent technical team, and we accept OEM service.

2.How to solve the quality problems?
If the products do not conform to customer samples or have quality problems, our company will be responsible to make compensation for it.

3. What is the delivery time?
7-25 days after receiving deposit
If we have the size you need in stock. we will send them 2-3 days, if you order crucible need to produce, the delivery time is about 10-25days.

4. What's your regular practice concerning terms of payment?
A: Payment terms: T/T 30%-50% deposit after order confirmation, the balance after goods ready before shipping or L/C, or Western Union for small amount. Or PAYPAL.

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