Best selling herbal material Breast Enlargement patch

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Product Overview


Best selling herbal material Breast Enlargement patch

Product Introduction

To promote breast microcirculation and moist skin nutrition through inducting and activating the endocrine glands, to increase the secretion of estrongen and progesterone, make breast stem be active and change to grow.
At the same time, it can help to replenish nutrition what breast needs, so as to increase breast fat and enhance the ligament connective tissue, which eventually make breast plump and smooth quickly.
Extract natural plants and fruits element which are from Europe, combined with supple slight quality, it enter mammary gland cell rapidly to promote its vigor.

Working theory

The “seven magnet magic enlarging breast”, the magnet in the patch giving out magnet treatment to the breast, let it affect the electricity in human body, electric charge’s movement. Then improve breast’s growth and healthy situation. Meantime relief the pain of the breast, improve the blood circulation in the breast, and let breast get more nutrition.

The “seven magnet magic enlarging breast”, contains high quality plant essential oil, India plant extract, Pacific Ocean seaweed extract, protein. We use supercritical fluid extraction technology in this product. It has super strong permeability. After the acupuncture treatment, magnet treatment, plenty of nutrition will be delivered to the breast. All the cell in the breast will be fulfilled, then the whole breast will become full and firm.


Korea Puerarin, plant isoflavone, ginseng, Chinese Angelica, herba leonuri, carthamustinctoriuslinne, placenta liquid, collagen, elastin and so on.


The product has magnificent efficacy in treating mammary gland hyperplasia, dispersing swelling and clots.

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