bitumen mixing vehicle asphalt mixing machine asphalt recycling machine road repair asphalt spraying truck

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cbitumen mixing vehicle asphalt mixing machine asphalt recycling machine road repair asphalt spraying truck  123600


This is one multi-functional road maintenance equipment ,quite powerful with 3main functions integrated in one vehicle equipmentIt is one comprehensive maintenance vehicle which can realize various types of maintenance works for multiple occasions and multiple roads conditions ; it has high curing strength, low cost, fast and flexible operation, high safety and high efficiency, and can be operated 24 hours a day. It is widely used in the maintenance and construction of highways, municipal roads, national and provincial trunk roads, rural roads, factories road and other roads conditions.IMG800.000_1000_555

One-stop mobile multifunctional road repair vehicle/equipment
1,New asphalt mixture producing plant
2, Waste asphalt mixture recycling/regenerating 
2,Asphalt heating & storage
3,Emulsified asphalt spraying &storage
4,Road pothole repair/patching 
5,Road crack sealing / joint function 
6,External connect electric crush pick 
7,Small-load Crane function (Max 2Ton
8,Can Put the road roller machine
9,Double-mode dedusting function ( cyclone system+water dedusting)  environment-friendly
10,Configure the heating-wall (baking function)


Asphalts spraying system

Asphalts tank capacity



Asphalt measurement method

Continuous unlimited metering


Temp. control Range

120-180 ℃


Electric heating hose

6m/ full heating/360o rotate


Spraying speed



Asphalts heating time



 China unique design R&D,
1). Select Dongfeng truck chassis, power steering, air conditioning, air conditioning,
suitable for all kinds of conditions.
2). Adopt cyclone dust removal device, smokeless and dust free, energy saving and environmental protection. 
3). It adopts vertical forced mixing to mix asphalt concrete.

4). The whole vehicle is driven by full hydraulic pressure. The main hydraulic components are American Eaton products, which are easy to operate and safe to work.

5)Asphalt pipes and asphalt pumps are built-in and are free of cleaning after use.

6). With asphalt measuring device, according to the need, measure the amount of asphalt per kettle to ensure the oil-stone ratio of the mixture.

7). The asphalt tank is equipped with intelligent automatic temperature control device and liquid level control alarm device to ensure the temperature of asphalt and the loading of asphalt.



Asphalts regeneration Mixer system

Single regeneration capacity



Regeneration Ability



Fuel consumption 

4-6L /T


Mixing mode

Double hydraulic driven vertical forced mixing


Discharge mode

Continuous discharge Worked by Single tank discharge or double tanks discharge simultaneously


Asphalts discharge Temp.

120-180 ℃


Heating mode

Burner heating or hot air circulation heating




Loading system

Loading type

Single hydraulic cylinder lift chain climb-type


Hopper capacity


8). The mixing bin is equipped with an infrared scanner to effectively control the temperature of mixing and discharging.9). Adopt the tail-feed design to reduce the road surface wide area and avoid traffic jams during construction10). The side design is used for discharging, and the discharging can directly go to the pit, which reduces labor intensity and improveswork efficiency. 123321800

infrared heat wall

 bitumen mixing plant vehicle asphalt mixing machine recycling machine road repair asphalt spraying vehicle,In addition, the equipment can be equipped with the world's leading gas infrared heating-wall, which can be controlled dividedly , the construction is more flexible, and it is effective against vibration and wind resistance. The construction takes only 10-15 minutes.800.369.jpg

Asphalt road repair machine equipmentAsphalt road repair machine equipment



The heating wall system


Heating mode

Fuel gas infrared heating+Blue flame thermal radiation technology


Heating area

2000*1000mm (1/4 area, can work along)


Reversal mode

Hydraulic driving,90o reversion


lateral movement

To move Left or right of 35mm


Height movement


Company profile

Founded in 1998, Shandong Youyi Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Huanyu Mould Research Institute..Now Youyi machinery company is located in the NO.11 industrial park,National High-Tech Industrial Zone of Jining city , Shandong ,China. it integrates the manufacture,design, research&development and sales in one and has been focusing on road maintenance products fields for more than 20 years. Our company actively adheres to the concept of environmental protection innovation and In line with the global ecological environmental protection strategy, the multi-function comprehensive road maintenance equipment developed is not only energy efficient but also environmentally friendly and sold well in such countries and regions as Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, Turkey and other Southeast Asian, Middle Eastern, European and American countries.111_1000

Now our company provides three main series of more than 50 kinds of products, such as road comprehensive maintenance vehicle, road-crack joint equipment and small road construction machinery etc. It has obtained more than 32 national patents, passed SGS international certification, and obtained the quality manage system certification of ISO9001, ISO14001, QHSAS18001 and so on. Besides, we have got many domestic honorary titles such like domestically certified AAA-level star enterprises. ISO9001 patents.jpgOur company has created the first domestic double-kettle mixing R&D design, which can simultaneously discharge in single-kettle or double-kettle mode. It can mix complete different grades of two materials. The vertical forced stirring performance solves the problem of segregation that can not be solved by common drum mixing in the marketIt also has the characteristics of high heat&cold resistance so that the whole vehicle can be constructed at an altitude of 6,000 meters.Vertical forced stirring and with diesel burner indirect-heating modes and German Green Technology in all to meet a variety of road construction work even at an altitude of 6000 meters conditions.


Heating system


Mixer tank burner power


Asphalts tank burner power


 The overall use of German Green Technology to meet a variety of road construction work.

800. waste asphalt mixture

Road site construction Steps steps666We company specilized in producing road repair machine for 20 Years
Now mainly supply 3 mains series of road machiner
1: road repair machine
2: road roller machine
3: road crack sealing machine

Ms +86-17852198185/13508973162 Waste bitumen Patching machine ,Road Bitumen processing Patching machine 

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