Agriculture plant source 100% water soluble fulvic acid powder fertilizer Soluble Fulvic Acid Fertilizer

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Fulvic acid 95% powder

Fulvic acids, as well as humic acids, are a family of organic acids, natural compounds, components of the humus, which is a fraction of soil organic matter.

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[1] The differences between these two are the carbon and oxygen contents, acidity, degree of polymerization, molecular weight, and colour.

[2] Fulvic acids remain in solution after removal of humic acid from humin by acidification

Appearanceyellow to brown powder
Organic matter≥83%
Fulvic acid≥95%
Solubility in water100%


Offering drought resistance, due to improved moisture storage and because it can build brix levels. High brix plants are less prone to wilting
Increasing the permeability of plant membranes, improving the uptake of nutrients
Neutralizing both acid and alkaline soils, regulating the PH value of soils, with the prominent effect in alkaline and acidic soil
Increasing the effectiveness of fertilizers and reducing nutrient especially nitrate leaching as well as reducing nitrate leaking into the groundwater
Detoxifying pollutants in the soil and absorbing poisons (reducing soil-life damage) as well as catalyzing the rapid breakdown of the toxins
Increasing the effectiveness of herbicide, pesticide and fungicide



Potassium humate is the potassium salt of humic acid. Our product: K-ONE Super, an excellent kind of potassium humate. What's the benefits?
1. Promote Photosynthesis.
2. Improve nutritional absorption by leaves.
3. Enhance Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC).
4. Increase the yield and quality of agricultural products.
5. Improve effectiveness of pesticide and fungicide.
6. Improve fertilizer and water holding capacity of soil.

Food and Medicine Grade Fulvic Acid Powder Organic Plant Fertilizer


Medicine Grade Fulvic Acid is extracted from high fulvic acid content mineral source, with a strict and special production method that gives the product a high content of humic acid with great water solubility, it can used in medicine area, health care products, cosmetics, drugs and etc.


1.Good effect on anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer
2.Provide an obvious medical effect on blood circulation system and internal secretion function
3.When being applied into the additive of health care products, food and cosmetics, the product can stop bleeding and pain, act as the treatment of stomach and intestines sickness, and can enhance microcirculation
4.Increase Immunity


External Application: Dilute the product with water as 5‰
Oral Application: Dilute the product with water as 1‰


Technical ItemsTechnical Data
Fulvic Acid90-95%
Moisture 10-15%
Water Solubility100%
AppearanceBlack Powder
Release TypeQuick
CAS No.479-66-3
EINECS No,215-809-6



Product Details

slow release organic fertilize rbase manure humic acid leonardite 50% granula|powder soil application|agriculture use
HumiBase is perfect working as the soil conditioner. It is the humic acid from young leonardite with abundant organic substances which offers an lasting nutrients both to the soil and plants.


Appearance:Black Brown Granular/Powder
Organic Matter:60%
Water Solubility:Insoluble
Humic Acid:50%
pH Value:4.0-6.0

1. Act as soil conditioner

2. Stimulate plant growth

3. Increase the organic matter of soil

4. Reduce pesticide residue

5. Increase the capacity of water holding and cation exchange



Soil application



25kgs Paper Bag & Customized









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