TKT40 Twisted Polyester Sewing High Tenacity Thread

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TKT40  Twisted Polyester Sewing High Tenacity Thread

Product Description





High- Strength Thread Introduce

Material: Polyester high tenacity filament

It's the yarn for "heavy duty" sewing , generally used by the footwear industry, suitcase makers, leather goods manufactures, furnishing and quilting industry.


Gentle luster, excellent seam strength & appearance, high productivity, extensive color range, high chemical resistance and with UV protect


High- Strength Sewing Thread Parameter

DenierPLYTex(T)Thickets SizeAverage strength(KG)



 Recommended needle size

singeer methric

100D38080≥2.0 15-21 9-11 65-75 Light Weight
150D28080≥2.0 15-21 9-11 65-75 Light Weight
150D36060≥3.0 16-22 10-12 70-80 Medium Weight
210D26060≥2.8 16-22 10-12 70-80  Medium Weight
210D34040≥4.2 17-23 13-16 85-100  Medium Weight
250D33030≥5.0 18-23 16-19 100-120 Heavy Weight
420D32020≥8.4 18-24 18-21 110-130 Extra Heavy Weight











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Our company is located in baiyun district and town donghua industrial zone, covers an area of about 1800 square meters, with production and operation as a whole, all levels of the line has brought together the industry elite, the introduction of advanced equipment at home and abroad. Its own dyer vats, no fading, color fastness to meet international standards. The use of automatic drawing machine, each can take place, in the process of needle car not spinning and bolt.

A. I plant the production of products are: light. High strength wire. PS line of sewing thread. Help di line. Rayon embroidery thread. Embroidery thread. Kao edges. Colorful thread. Reinforcing belt. La line, Chinese knot wire and various wire products.

2. Suitable for shoes. Clothing. Embroidery. Trademark. Handbags. Yarn hair. Leather. The silver bag, China knot, furniture, and so on.

3. The customer to choose good line does not affect the quality of products, selling points of your product is good, this is our service.

4. The factory for the purpose of the service. The best products to attract customers, you can chose our products sales increase, and is now there are hundreds of companies, thank you for your support and love.






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