Huifa, автомобильный затемняющий Тепличный светильник, зеленый дом

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Product Overview


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Light dep greenhouse with 3-layers of breathable blackout curtain, 100% light prevent,createan excellent growth environment achieve rapid growth from planting to flowering,to assure the crops yield and quality,higher and more steadily returns for growers.


All greenhouse structure and control systems can be customized according to your requirements.
Span Width
30ft, can make more spans
Gutter Height
Total Height
Wind Load
≤75mph (0.4KN/m2)
Snow Load
≤20lbs (0.3KN/m2) 
Hanging Load
3lb/sqft (15Kg/m2)
230v, 240v,110v, 120v,380v or customized
Standard Systems
Hot Galvanized Steel Frame/PE Film/Blackout System/Two ends iron sheet/Electrical side ventilation/Fire proof door/Control Box
Optional Systems
Cooling System/Ventilation System/Heating System/Dehumidifier/CO2 Generator/ Growing Light/Rolling bench

Light Dep Greenhouse Standard System

Hot Galvanized Steel Frame
1.Hot galvanized steel frame, with zinc coated 275g/m2, service life is more than 15 years.
2.Customized trussed roof systems to meet geographic-specific snow and wind loads.
3.Components of the structures are shipped to the customer pre-punched and assembly in advance, simplifying the installation

Greenhouse Plastic Film
1. Material: PE+EVA
2. Feature: Anti-aging, dustproof, anti- dripping, anti-fog
3. excellent transparency, the diffuse scattering function makes the light in the shed evenly and make the fruit more uniform
4. 150 and 200micron commonly used, 150 micron service life is 5-6 years,200 micron service life is 6-8 years

Blackout System
1.Plants like long daylight during the vegetative stage, a good blackout system is required for the best flowering production;
2. Curtain is made of 3-layer breathable blackout shading system, to realize 100% light deprivation;
3. It is supported by an internal frame system with a 10’ peak height and 28’ wide interior growing space.

Control Box
1.Supply the suitable environment for hemp growing by controlling cooling system, blackout system top and side ventilation,dehumidifier, lighting system heater and so on.

2.Adjust the temperature, humidity,
lighting time for increasing the hemp output and benefits.

Side ventilation
1.The side strip vents are available as either a manual or motorized open-and-close system.

2.The vents include an interior sealing Flap, which can be closed seasonally to allow for better heat retention when outside
temperatures drop.

Fire proof door
1. The thickness of the door leaf is 71 or 61mm, and the heavy door body ensures the fireproof, anti-theft, heat preservation and sound insulation performance of the door body.
2. Advantages of corrosion resistance: the raw material is galvanized steel, and
the actual thickness is >=0.8mm.
3. Use famous brand fireproof locks and thick fireproof hinges to ensure the service life of the

Light Dep Greenhouse Optional System

Cooling Fan
Cooling Pad
Light Deprivation Hood

Circulation Fan
Heating system
Top Ventilation

Growing Light
Rolling Bench


Our Factory
Covers 10000+ sqm² and 5 production lines.
Stronger factory customization ability.

Professional Engineer
Suitable solution upon request&budget.
Huifa Service Team
Complete installation drawing, manual and video.

Light Dep Greenhouse Installation

First (Pipe)
Second (Steel Frame)
Third(Cover with PE film)

Fourth(blackout system)
Fifth(finish installation)
Final(Hemp Planting)

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