Hot-selling high-quality price concessions food grade ammonium bicarbonate

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Hot Selling High Quality 1066-33-7 food grade best price ammonium bicarbonate

Products Description

Product name
ammonium bicarbonate
Total alkali NH4HCO3 wt%

Chloride Cl wt% max

Total Alkali(Quality Fraction of NaHCO3 Dry Basis) %
Sulphate SO4 wt% max

Ash wt% max

As wt% max

Heavy metals Pb wt% max

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food grade best price ammonium bicarbonate
    Used as nitrogen fertilizer, suitable for all kinds of soils, can provide ammonium nitrogen and carbon dioxide required for crop growth, but low in nitrogen content and easy to agglomerate
    Used as a high-grade starter for food. It can be used as a raw material for a leavening agent such as bread, biscuits and pancakes in combination with sodium hydrogencarbonate, and is also used as a raw material for foamed powdered juice. It is also used for blanching of green vegetables, bamboo shoots, etc., as well as medicines and reagents.
    Used as an analytical reagent. For ammonium salt synthesis. Pharmaceutical. Baking powder. dye. The fabric is degreased. Foam plastic.

The above product is manufactured abided by China National Standard ofGB18872007 (National Standard for Ammonium bicarbonate Food Grade for Food Additive Uses), and are fit for human consumption if properly used.

Ammonium bicarbonate industrial grade  pharmaceutical grade  feed grade

1. As a chemical leavening agent, China's regulations can be used for all kinds of foods that need to be added with a leavening agent, and should be used according to the production needs.

2.It can promote crop growth and photosynthesis, and promote seedling long leaves, which can be used as top dressing, or can be directly applied as base fertilizer, used as food starter and expansion agent.

Product packaging


(1)25KG PP/PE bag; 27mts per 20‘ container without pallet,24mts with pallet
(2)With double plastic woven bags of 25kgs net each.
   (3)According to yourproduct packaging requirements, we will customize the packaging for you.

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