Tri-Cone Rotary Bits - For Mining tricone bits for mining

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Tri-Cone Rotary Bits - For Mining 


1.Tricone bit, Steel bit, TCI bit, Reamer bit, Rock roller bit

1). Cutting Structure of this series tricone rock bit :
The durability of premium tungsten carbide inserts is improved with new formulas and new techniques for insert bit.The wearresistance of teeth is enhanced with premium tungsten carbide hardfacing on the tooth surfaces for steel tooth bit.

2). Gauge Structure of this series tricone rock bit :
Multiple gauge protection with gauge trimmers on heel and gauge inserts on the gauge surface of the cone, tungsten carbide inserts and hardfacing on the shirttail increases gauge holding capability and bearing life.

3).Bearing Structure of this series tricone rock bit :
High precision bearing with two thrust faces. Balls lock the cone.Hardface heard bearing surface. Cone bearing inlaid with frictionreducing alloy and then silverplated. Abrasion resistance and seizure resistance of the bearing are improved and suitable for high rotary speed.

4).Seal and Lubrication of this series tricone rock bit :
The advanced metal seal package consists of two metal seats and two elastic energizers. Compressed energizers ensure good contact being kept on two sealing surfaces of metal rings by elastic force, and achieve the bearing seal. In the drilling, metal seal are relatively dynamic, and the energizers are static. This will improve the reliability and durability of bearing seal. The pressure compensator system and advanced grease can greatly increase the lubricating reliability.

5).Product Application of this series tricone rock bit :
It is suitable for downhole motor and high speed applications.

6).The real picture of our company


2.About the sizes and IADC codes of tricone bit

tricone bit Cutting structure: very long widely spaced ,chisel-shaped inserts and considerable cone axis offset against center line of bit ensure very high penetration rate .To secure the bit from diameter loss, the gage protection inserts have got shorter length and greater angle of the top. Formations: long intervals of very soft poorly compacted shales ,sandstone, clays, salts and soft li mestones. Size and IADC available: 2 7/8" to 26" IADC 114 117 216 217 317 321 417 437 517 537 617 637 and so on.....

The 114-117 soft formation tooth bits  are used to drill low-compressive strength ,soft formations long projection tooth lengths are used on high offset cones to provide the greatest penetration rates possible. Wear-resistent hard facing is used to control tooth wear. On the softest bit types this hard facing completely covers the bit teeth. 

The 127 medium  hard formation tooth bits

Used to drill highcompressive strength medium  hard formations   short projection teeth with reduced crest length are used in this series of bit designs  durable hard facing is applied to reduce tooth wear.

TCI 437 soft formation tci tricone bits

The 437 tci bits are used to drill low compressive strength very soft formation tci bits maximize the use of bothconical and chisel tungsten carbide inserts of large diameters and high projection. This cutting structure design combined with maximum cone offset ,results in high bit penetration rates.the deep intermesh of cutter rows prevents bit bailing in sticky formations.

TCI 517 medium formation tci tricone bits

The 517 features aggressive chisel tungsten carbide inserts on the heel rows and inner rows this design provides a fast drilling rate and added cutting structure durability in medium to medium hard for mations the HSN rubber o-ring provides adequate sealing for bearing durability.

TCI 637 can be used to drill hard and abrasive forma-tions .wear –resistant tungsten carbide inserts are used in the outer rows to prevent loss of bit gauge.maximum numbers of hemispherical-shaped inserts are used in all rows to provide cutter durability and long life.

TCI 617 the tci 617 features robust chisel tungsten carbide inserts on the heel row and conical on the inner rows .this design provides a fast drilling rate and added cutting structure durability in medium to medium hard formations . the HSN rubber o-rin provides adequate sealing for bearing durability .


 button tooth tricone bit      steel/milled tooth tricone bit




 116 117 12 6127 136 137 216 217 226 226 316 317 326 327 336 337 115 125 135 215 225 235 315 325 335 114 124 214 314 111 121 131 346 347

417 427 437 517 527 537 617 627 637 737 837 832 415 425 435 445 525 625 635 416 427 436 446 447 516 526  537 547 516 536  535

available sizes:

From 2 7/8 to 26”

larger sizes for hole opener bit ,reamer bit


most favourable price and best qualtity

bearing type:

sealed bearing and non-sealed bearing

HJ(metal sealed journal bearing)  

HA (rubber sealed journal bearing

aircooled bearing type

Formation or layer 

soft ,medium soft ,hard,medium hard,very hard formation

Button size (extra features)

Button bit,saw teeth

1) Y-Conical teeth  2) X-chisel teeth 

3)K- wide teeth 

4)G- Gague protection


Alloy steel ,carbide


Wooden case or steel case

Payment terms

T/T,L/C,Western union

Delivery terms

By sea or by air

Delivery time

Within 3 to 7 days


Canada, USA,Middle east ,Africa,Europe


petroleum&gas ,water well ,mining and tectonic industries ,oil field, construction

3. Packing Terms: wooden box, steel box or as your requirements.


4.About the formation of tricone bit supply for?

Soft formation TCI tricone bits:

The soft formation TCI tricone bits are used to drill low compressive strength, very soft formations. This bit maximized to use of both conical and chisel tungsten carbide inserts of large diameters and high projection. This cutting structure design, combined with maximum cone offset, results in high bit penetration rates. The deep intermesh of cutter rows prevents bit bailing in sticky formations. 

Medium formation TCI tricone bits:

The medium formation TCI tricone bits features aggressive chisel tungsten carbide inserts on the heel rows and inner rows. This design provides a fast drilling rate and added cutting structure durability in medium to medium hard for mations. The HSN rubber O-ring provides adequate sealing for bearing durability.

Hard formation TCI tricone bits:

The hard formation TCI tricone bits can be used to drill hard and abrasive formations. Wear resistance tungsten carbide inserts are used in the outer rows to prevent loss of bit gauge. Maximum numbers of hemispherical shaped inserts are used in all rows to provide cutter durability and long life.


5.You may have any questions ,please ask us freely .

 Any inquiry is welcomed here  .
1) How to send money to us ?
We can send you our bank account information after the contract is made  .By T/T ,Western union ....
2) What is the MOQ ?
Small trial order is acceptable  ,like 1pc,2 pcs....
3) Inspection is possbile ?
Yes, you are welcome to our company at any time or you can make inspection through Third inspection agent ,like "SGS" ,BV and so on .
4)  How to transport the bits ?
By sea ,by air ,by DHL,by UPS  and so on ....
Do you have any questions ? Please don't hesitate to ask me and you will get the satisfactory response once you contact us .
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