3.6V 1.1Ah VHT 200AA lithium battery +70C to +200C

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Product Overview


lithium battery VHT200-AA-3B5400


Key Features:

• Primary chemistry (non-rechargeable)

• High rate capability

• Advanced spiral-wound technology

• Stainless steel container

• Hermetic glass-to-metal sealing

• Wide operating temperature range as low as +70C and up to +200C

• Low self discharge rate (3% per year at 25C)

• Custom terminations available


Main Applications:

• Military communications

• Oceanographic buoys and gliders

• Tracking systems

• Sensor systems

• Pipeline inspection gauges

• Beacons, transponders and receivers

• Seismic surveying birds


Technical Overview

Open Circuit Voltage (25C)

3.6 V

Rated Discharge Current

20 mA

Rated Capacity

1.1 Ah

Maximum Continuous Current

150 mA

Cell Diameter (nominal)

13.7 mm (0.538 in.)

Cell Length (nominal)

53.2 mm (2.093 in.)

Cell Weight

15 g

Lithium Weight

0.45 g

Safety Fuse

4A Link

Self Discharge

3% per year at 25C

Operating Temperature

+70C to +200C


+160F to +392F


0.0065 s.