Waste Motor Engine Oil Recycling Manufacture by Vacuum System

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Price:RUB 393,446.00 - RUB 27,541,220.00
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Product Overview


YANGJIANG Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd which is engaged in researching,developing and manufacturing waste engine recycling and refining equipment.Our oil recycling equipment has a wide range of applications of all kinds of waste industrial oil.

YANGJIANG provide all black used oil recycling equipment and technology. This is more than simply used lubrication oil disposal,we are not just purify used oil,instead, our oil distillation technology than can reclaim all kinds of waste black waste lubricating oil to diesel oil and golden base oil that match API I Oil standard.our machine was installed many place in China market and has exported to different countries, like Greece,Algeria, Liberia,Saudi Arabia,UAE,Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hongkong,Egypt, Kenya, Senegal, Panama etc.

YANGJIANG is committed to new product research and development, dedicated to provide you with the highest cost-effective, high-quality products and meticulous after-sales service!

Technology vacuum distillation
Raw Material waste motor engine oil
Function recycle waste motor engine oil to base oil
Capacity 12 tons per day
Final product yellow base oil
Regenerating rate more than 85%
Flash point 220 ℃
Viscosity index 120
Ash content 0.005%W/W
Model Number YJ-TY-12




1. what's the base oil?
The biggest part of a lubricant is composed of base oils while the remaining part are oil additives which

help to protect your engine against wear and corrosion and keep it clean.70% of a lubricant is composed

of base oils while the remaining 30% are oil additives which help to keep your engine cool, clean, and


2. What kinds of oil additive need to blend into the base oil if you want to create new oil?
we can add oil additives into the base oil to produce new hydraulic oil,gear oil or engine oil, the oil additives

including:dispersants, Anti-wear,Oxidation inhibitors or viscosity index improver.

3. Why we need add chemical during distillation?what function of our chemical?
Because waste oil is acidic, we add alkaline chemical to neutralize waste oil`s acidity, If we don`t add

chemical waste oil will crack into diesel after 300℃ under high vacuum

4. What’s the heating temperature?

5. what’s the recovery rate?
80-85%,it’s up to the waste oil

6. What’s the cost of recycling 1000Liters waste oil?
1) Catalyst cost:USD25-30
2) Power consumption:31Kw per hour, the bigger capacity, the smaller average power consumption
3) Fuel consumption:15-18Liters diesel fuel.
4) It need 1-2 worker operate the machine



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