Wenzhou jiayuan JYT-B Double Side Foam Tape hot melt adhesive Coating Machine for double side tape, foam tape, adhesive tape

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Main Description of JYT-B double side foam tape hot melt coating machine:
JYT-B hot melt coating machine is suitable for producing various self-adhesive sticker, label stock, like: paper label, kraft paper label, film label, adhesive label, adhesive paper, adhesive sticker, sticker, label sticker, Self-Adhesive Label, Security label, Security sticker, thermal paper sticker, thermal paper label, Pharmaceutical Label, Self-Adhesive Tag, Security Hologram Labels Stickers ,Plain Laser Labels ,Synthetic Labels, Packing Labels ,Warning Labels ,Blank Label ,Filmic Label ,Printed Label ,Airlines Baggage Tags, Tyre Label, High Glue Labels ,Void and Cross Marks Label, Color Change Labels, Carbon Label, Decals & Vinyl Label, Tamper Evident Label ,Tamper Proof Label, Hologram Sticker, Offset Label, Digital Label, Beer Bottle Label, Plastic Bottle Label , Fruit Labels and so on.


Main characteristic of JYT-B double side foam tape hot melt coating machine:
1. An AC converter control is used for both speed and quantity of glue feeding for which both automatic synchronous tracking and manual control are available.
2. JYT-B hot melt coating machine adopts intelligent PID temperature control system, it can control the temperature exactly and the tolerance is with in 1degree.

3. The glue melting oven is coated with the antisticking layer, efficacious prevent the hot melt adhesive against carbonization.
4. Collocate the precision metric gear, make it more steady to produce the adhesive.
5. The high precision of alloy steel spray head has guaranteed high-quality coating result.


Please note: above is standard parameter, we can customize machine according to customer's requirement. if you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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