automatic PLC controlled three phase MIG welding machine

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Product Overview




1.1.            Application:

    Easy to constitute an automatic circular (straight) seam welding system with proper welding sources and welding guns, to improve welding speed and quality. It’s mainly used in instrument, bellows, medical devices and electronic components and other precision workpeice.

1.2.            Components:

    It main consists of rotary headstock, tailstock, lathe bed, 3-D adjusting mechanism, pneumatic lifter, travel mechanism and PLC controlling system. Combined structure is convenient for installation, and has a good mobility.

1.2.1.      Lathe Bed: With guide rail, and the distance between headstock and tailstock is adjustable.

1.2.2.      Rotary Headstock: Driven by DC gear motor, with stepless speed regulation function and welding current detection switch.

1.2.3.      Tailstock: With hand wheel for imparting motion to lathe center.

1.2.4.      3-D Adjusting Mechanism: Adjust torch position accurately.

1.2.5.      Pneumatic Lifter: Lift up torch automatically.

1.2.6.      Travel Mechanism: Automatic longitudinal seam welding and move carriage.

1.2.7.      Control System: Advanced PLC controlling system, humanized operation interface, high degree automation, stable and reliable performance.

1.3.            Welding Process:

1.3.1.      Welding Mode: torch fixed, workpiece rotating. Automatic welding.

1.3.2.      Welding Method: It can be used with argon arc welding machine (supporting the use of wire feeder), CO2/MAG/MIG welding machine, pulsing welding machine or other welding sources to form an automatic girth (longitudinal) seam welding system.


Technical Parameters



Control power supply

Single phase 50Hz AC 200V

Welding power supply

Three phase 50Hz AC 380V

Workpiece thickness

According to the shape of opening

Workpiece diameter

120 mm≥φ≥10mm

Workpiece length


Headstock rotation speed

1~10 r/ min

Workpiece rotation diameter


Spindle bore


Spindle output torque


Workpiece weight


Carriage speed


Torch lifting height


Headstock adjustable angle


Torch 3-D adjustable range

X:±30mm, Y:±50mm, Z:±30mm

Max. welding current




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In user factory:

    1. Before sales: on site techinical solution and quotation.

    2. after sales: installation, commisionning, training.

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In our factory:

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Company Information

        Chengdu Hanyan Technology Co., Ltd. Is a national high-tech enterprise who specializing in designing, researching and developing, manufacturing and serving of automatic welding equipment. wholly-owned three sub-companies, covering resistance welding, robot welding and welding power source.

        From now on, we obtained 5 Patents of invention and 13 Patents of Utility Model; our products are approved by CCC and CE, additionally, our company have had ISO 9001:2008, ERR and CRM management system.

        We exported to over 29 countries and regions including General Longitudinal Seam Welder, Circumferential Seam Welder, Welding Oscillator, Welding TIG Wire Feeder, Welding Seam Tracker, Water Heater Welding Production Line, Fuel Tank Welding Line, Welding Robots, Strip Welding Equipment, Resistance Welding Equipment, Welding Power Sources and other Customized Welding Equipment.

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