Лучший корейский фильтр для душа с ароматом удаляет хлор и примеси для очистки душа

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Product Description






      It is a peach scent that stimulates a fresh girl's emotion.

      You can also enjoy the sweet and gentle reverberation in the bathroom.






It is a fresh and refreshing scent reminiscent of green grapes in nature grown in sunlight.

It gives a refreshing feeling with a sweet and lovely light scent.






It is a refreshing scent with the charm of a sweetand bitter red grapefruit.

You can feel the fresh and fresh red grapefruit scent by adjusting the balance so that the sour

scent of Red grapefruit is not too strong.






It is a citrus-based lemon scent that is highly preferred. It has a refreshing, light scent, and the

characteristic of lemon squash, rather than a regular lemon, is a blend of sweetness and can

be used casually.






Black Cherry, which has a fresh yet deep sweetness, is popular in fragrance-related products  and is loved by many customers. It is not a simple cherry scent, but a fresh scent that matches  the balance.

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