Высококачественное кокосовое волокно SUPPILERS для экспорта из Вьетнама

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Product Description

Coconut fiber or coir is a product which is extracted from the outer shell of the coconut fruit.

It is used in a variety of ways worldwide, being especially popular for rope and matting, and there are a number of sources for coir and coir products.

There are two different types of coconut fiber: white coir and brown coir. White coconut fiber comes from young coconuts, while brown coconut fiber comes from more mature specimens.

In mature coconuts, a layer of lignin has been deposited in the cellulose walls of the fiber, causing it to darken in appearance.

Once extracted from the coconut, the fiber can be spun or matted. It can also be bleached or dyed, although some producers prefer to leave the fiber as it is for a more natural look.

150 kgs / bale
up to 25%
35cm X 90cm X 75cm
5 - 25 cm
brown & golden brown

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