Мастер слива (автоматический зазор слива, сушилка, компрессор)

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Technology to the first person.

To think of the environment.

We have been worked for efficient treatment of condensation water generated in the Air Compressor System.

We are producing an Auto drain trap that is an economical and reliable condensate discharger, Oil-water separator that is a processing unit for condensate contaminated by oil with advanced technique and know-how.

However, energy and environment are giving big influence in enterprise activity in the 21st-century industrial field, and it is considered that frugality of expensive compressed air and processing for contaminated condensate is helpful to solve these troubleshooting Forward, we will do our best to answer customer`s cheering by developing product helpful for enterprise activity.






Product Details



Saving  Energy

  • There is no loss of compressed air.

  • The use of two sensors (High-level sensor, Low-level sensor) prevents energy loss caused by air loss through the discharge of condensate only.


Superior Durability

  • Hard-anodizing

  • Hard film-treated housing, housing, which is applied to airplanes, semiconductor equipment, and industrial devices that require durability, excellent anti-corrosion, anti-abrasion quality so housing life is semi-permanent.


Easy to maintain

  • It is convenient to install and maintain. 

  • The upper and bottom covers are separated, making it easy to disassemble and assemble to remove contaminants inside the housing. 

  • The strainer was built inside to prevent damage and blockage of the valve by sludge.


Convenient Automatic Restore Function

  • Automatic discharge function (Emergency Mode)

  • If condensate is not discharged for 60 seconds by scale, it is recognized by the user through the alarm signal and converted to an automatic restore function to operate the solenoid valve every 3 minutes for 5 seconds to initiate discharging the scale. It returns to normal mode after discharging.


Simple and neat design

  • Diverse model, beautiful designs.

  • Depending on the amount of condensate, the user's selection is expanded by dividing it into various models, and the housing treated with die-casting molds and anodizing techniques has a beautiful design. 


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