Поставщики высококачественных древесных гранул из Вьетнама-оптовая продажа древесных гранул на биомассе, экспорт в Тайвань, Корея... Ms Angela

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Product Description


Biomass fuel is now reigning the clean energy scene for its versatility and easy to make. Wood shavings, tree tops and branches and other discarded wood chips are compressed and pressed to create the desired shape.

Wooden pellets are biomass fuel made from products such as wood shavings, sawdust and logging residues. Heating with wood pellets offers distinct advantages over conventional fossil heating fuels

Our wood pellet is made from high quality wood material.

Wood type : Pine, acacia, cashew ...

Product Application

•\tCo-firing in pulverized coal and fluidized bed energy plants

•\tBiomass energy plants

•\tCombined heat and power plants

•\tIndustrial-scale public and private heating


•\tLow CO2 emissions than fossil fuels

•\tHigh Energy Content

•\tEasy to store and transport

•\tEfficient, reliable, and scalable combustion

•\tEnvironmental friendly

•\tClean burning renewable fuel source

•\tStable price compare to fossil fuels

Additional Benefits of Wood Pellets

As an energy-dense, uniform fuel made from high-quality wood materials, wood pellet offer a range of advantages:

•\tWood pellets is efficient as a source of energy

•\tOn an energy content basis, wood pellet has significantly lower CO2 emissions than fossil fuels and unprocessed woody materials.

•\tTypically, our wood pellet has a net calorific value of about min 4,000 kcal/kg

•\tWith a very low-moisture content and low ash, wood pellet can be shipped in standard dry bulk vessels. This maximizes economic efficiency and is environmentally preferable

•\tWood pellet is uniform and homogenous, making them easily transported

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Our Service


- We send sample to customer or we produce sample based on customer's request.


- Sales contract

- Quality agreement

- Price & payment agreement

Mass Production

- We do mass production based on agreement.

Packing & Delivery


- 26MT/container 40'HC (packing 15kg, 20kg in PE bags with wood pallet) 

- 24MT/container 40'HC (packing 600kg in jumbo PP bags with wood pallet) 

- Packing: 400kg, 600 kg in Jumbo , PP bag or 15kg, 20kg in PE bag with wood pallet .

- Packing can be your request. 


- MOQ : 100 MT

- Air freight or ocean freight

- 15 - 20 working day after agreement

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