Проект по биогаза 20000 нм3/день производства анаэробного реактора типа резервуара для биогаза в режиме EPC

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Product Description



 Biogas Project 20000 Nm3/Day Production Anaerobic Reactor Tank Type Biogas Plant Under EPC Mode


1. Waste Material and Pre-treatment


Single or mixture of multiple substrates with high content of organic substance can be used for biogas production. Waste materials and by-products are accrued in conjunction with every single manufacturing operation, fromAnimal husbandrySlaughterhousesThe food-production industry and the food-processing industryAgriculture raw and residual waste, e.g. Strew,semi-rotten vegetable&fruitSupermarkets, e.g. spoiled food productsBreweries (malt spent grains)RestaurantsJuice productionThe ethanol industry (mash)The biofuel industry, e.g. glycerinePurification plants: Sewage sludgeThe animal feed industry

The feedstock should be cleaned, in order to ensure that it is harmless(from the point of view of hygiene) and it's free of pathogens, to avoid bad affection for microbiological process in digester.


2. Anaerobic Fermentation


In the heated and air-tight digester, the biomass ferments in conjunction with the production of methane, mixed with other by-product gas, it's so called biogas. The microbiological process in digester takes place in four stages, hydrolysis - acidification - acetic acid formation - methane formation.


3. Biogas Storage Process


For tank type of digester, structure of integrated all-in-one with biomass fermentation and biogas storage combined together is always welcome by customers, in order to reduce investment. The biogas storage is in the form of double-membrane gas holder mounted on top of tank. It consists of inner/outer membrane,support,air blower,anchoring device and other auxiliaries.


4. Biogas Purification


Biogas pre-treatment process is mainly to remove hydrogen sulfide, moisture and solid impurities in the raw biogas, reduce corrosion and wear for subsequent equipment. Biogas pressure to be increased for transportation and regulated to meet the requirements of inlet pressure of follow-up equipment, involving equipment such as roots blower with explosion-proof motor under anti-corrosion treatment.


5. Biogas Utilization


If biogas is used to produce CNG(Compressed Natural Gas) for vehicle or gas grid networks, except the above biogas pre-treatment, decarburization process is required for further treatment. Now we could provide containerized type biogas upgrading system in conjunction with the four kinds of mature technologies, including MS(Membrane Separating), PSA(Pressure Swing Absorption), MEA/MEDA(Mono Etobaccool Amine/ Methyldiethanolamine) and DWW(Pressurized Water Washing).


6. Digestate Treatment


Digestate means residue and slurry after fermentation,be rich in N.P.K, humic acid, organic matter and trace elements.Therefore the solid substance of digestate can be used as soil additive or compost,and the resultant liquid nutrient concentrate replaces the mineral fertilizers.And the separated water is processed so that it can be directly routed in the surrounding water body or can be used as processing water.


7. Further Treatment of Slurry


In order to prevent pollution on the environment, in the countries and regions with strict laws of environmental protection,the fermented slurry still has to be cleaned further. ALONG could offer solutions to solve this problem by air flotation, A/O(Anaerobic-Oxic) or A2/O(Anaerobic-Anoxic-Oxic) technologies. Their common function is to remove organic matters in slurry.After treatment,the purified water can be discharged environmental friendly.


















Product Name

Biogas Project-Anaerobic Reactor Tank Type Biogas Plant


Food Waste, Animal Manure, Organic Waste

Biogas Production

20000 Nm3/Day

Fermentation Temp.

Thermophilic 52~55 Degree.C

Commercial Profit

CNG for Gas Station, Electric Power to Mains Grid

Power Generation

2MW Jenbacher, Containerized Type

Biogas Utilization

CNG, Power Generation

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