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Products Description

Baby snack + Ca calcium small fish rice cracker

Product introduction
This is a series of iron and calcium-containing snacks that can be safely given to moms who have a shape that is easy to pick up and pick up, taking into consideration the melting, hardness, and seasoning that suits the age of the child. This rice cracker is made from domestic rice and kneaded with shirasu so that you can understand the taste of the rice. The animal part of the package can be cut off and enjoyed with children.

Raw materials / ingredients
Uruchi rice (domestic), starch, sugar, shirasu powder, salt / calcium carbonate, iron pyrophosphate

Note (Disclaimer)> Please be sure to read
● Be sure to watch over until your child has thoroughly licked or chewed and swallowed well.
● Please watch over so that a large amount does not get in your mouth at once. Do not give when lying down, piggybacking, or crying violently
● When eating or after eating, give hot water or barley tea
● When you are not used to it, give it to hot water Soak it in water before giving it.
● The age is a guide. Please see how your child eats and give it to them.

Product size
33.4 x 14.81 x 11.1 cm; 310 g
How to Save
Avoid direct sunlight, avoid high temperature and humidity, and store at room temperature
Growth period
7 months
Country of origin
Uruchi rice (domestic), starch, sugar, shirasu powder, salt / calcium carbonate, iron pyrophosphate
Product weight
310 g

Company Profile

LANDY Co., Ltd. is a company that makes people all over the world "smile" through globalization. Our main business is the wholesaling and exporting of daily necessities such as medicines, foods, beverages, alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, daily necessities, babies, toys, and cigarettes. With the firm and enterprising spirit and the free and vigorous corporate culture, we provide optimal solutions flexibly and promptly, and co-create the lasting development of international society and the happiness of our employees.

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