Аминопитьевая добавка для здоровья, сделано в германии

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AMINO 20 ensures rapid absorption by hydrolysed whey and wheat protein as well as by cleaved proteins. The addition of beetroot
extract and vitamins B6 and 6 has resulted in a unique quality product.
Amino acids are essential for the function of our body. When the balance is disturbed, the body takes the necessary energy from
the muscles. With the effect that the muscles shrink. To prevent this, we recommend the food supplement PREMIUM AMINO 20.
All necessary components are optimally combined in it. This not only benefits the muscles, it also promotes muscle growth.
Likewise, signs of fatigue only become visible later.
This excellent nutritional supplement with a balanced amino acid complex from PURALP is ideally suited for the training phases of
endurance athletes. It is also suitable for all those who prefer a low-carbohydrate and high protein diet.
The proteins in AMINO 20 contribute to the maintenance and increase of muscle mass and have a preventive effect for
healthy bones. Vitamins B6 and C support the normal energetic metabolic process and reduce sagging and fatigue.
Recommended use: Ideally you drink a bottle of PREMIUM AMINO 20 with 150 ml fruit juice directly after training or in the evening.

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Product Name
Super Amino 20
Main Ingredient
1. 20↑Kinds of Amino Acids
2. Blackcurrant
3. Vitamin B6
4. Vitamin C
5. Rich Fibers Brown rice
25ML* 20 bottlets
Dosage Form
Oral Liquid
Main Function
1. Liver detox, activate liver cells, metabolize
2. Repair nerve system
3. Help wound healing, boost the immune system
4. Stimulate growth hormone
5. Regain muscle and physical strength
Supplies 20 kinds of Amino Acids for basic nutritious element, including 9 Amino Acids cannot be synthesized from scratch by human body
Shelf Life
24 months
Recommend Use
Take it in empty stomached or between the meals
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We have a variety of different health supplements. We select health products that suit you. Health is very important in our lives.
We hope that our products will not only bring you business opportunities but also allow your customers to eat healthy and safe.
Our enzyme products in Taiwan use fresh and seasonal vegetables and fruits not only to help purify the body, but environment
friendly also allows customers to eat fresh and healthy food.
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