Catappa оставляет вьетнамские листья миндаля, Бета, рыба, креветки, природная среда обитания, аквариум для рыб, снижение PH, убивает бактерии

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Product Description

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In aquarium use, Vietname almond leaves refer to the dried leaves of the Terminalia catappa tree – a tree that is native to Southeast Asia and has been used in traditional medicine there for centuries.

Ketapang dried leaves (almond leaves ) can release organic acids like humic and tannins, which can lower the pH of the water, and absorbing harmful chemicals and provide a comfortable water conditions for the fishes. Acidic tannins, lignins and fulvic is a sub-class of humic acid. Mostly used for fishes such as bettas and guppies.


Name of product: 
almond leaves ,Ketapang Leaves
Benefits of Ketapang Leaves,almond leaves
1) Improve quality of water in aquarium
2) Natural medication for sh skin problem
3) A leafy location for your sh to breed
4) Food and protection for fry (baby fish)

Fish that benefit from Viet Nam  almond leaves include:
* Angelfish
* Barbs
* Betta
* Cory catfish
* Discus
* Gouramis
* Killifish
* Platies
* Rasboras
* Tetra
* Guppies
* Arowana
Various(some leaves are small)
Product advantages
 * Item: Brand New Aquarium Natural Terminalia Leaves

* Size: Various(some leaves are small)

* Attention: Some leaves have insect bites (It is natural to reduce PH efficiency is better, if you mind, please don,t make order
in our store.Thanks for your kind understanding)

2) Product Features:
* Reduce to balance the PH Level and Acidity for the water. This way will improve and help fish to spawn

* Antibiosis and Enhance immunity

* Promote the reproductive capacity of fish

* Help to control the propagation of moss

3) Care to use(Attention):
1. Every 16Liter aquarium water needs about 2~4pcs Terminalia Leaves

2. There are 3ways to use leaves = 1) Put the leaves into the external filter box. 2) Bind the leaves together to put into tank.
3) Soak the leaves to be liquid, and then pour the leaves liquid into the aquarium tank water directly

3. It is better to keep the leaves in the water to supply a place for fish to spawn

4. Please take out or replace the leaves when leaves decompose

5. Terminalia Leaves will make the clean water become Yellowish-brown color. It is normal situation
PLEASE CONTACT DIRECTLY TO ME TO GET FULL INFORMATION AND GOOD PRICE Thanks and Best regards. Anna Nguyen HP, Viber, Whatsapp: +84907631944 
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Packing & Delivery

Company Profile

AIMEX Co. Ltd is established in 2020.
The main businesses are agricultural products and export the Vietnamese good quality products to over the world.
Our mission is bringing to our customers the high-quality products without the harmful additives and safe for human and
environment. That Vietnamese brands will be spread to many countries.
Working in the many industrial areas with more than 20 factories, we are able to supply the big quantity on time, and standard and
premium quality products with competitive price.
Always be here to support you and bring to you the belief and honesty.


Thanks and Best regards.
Anna Nguyen
HP, Viber, Whatsapp: +84 907631944
Kakaotalk ,wechat: +84971808895
E: anna(AT)phuhaiminh(dot)com ; Thuybuiexim(AT)gmail(dot)com
Skype: +84971808895

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