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Our Company

Kohenoor International

Kohenoor International Established Since 1957, an Agriculture Company, working with Seeds, herbs, Dry Nuts, Sprouting Seeds more then 250 Items. 

Kohenoor International is a Processor  & Exporter we are exporting more then 52 countries and enjoying great reputation in International Market.

We welcome you to be part our customer club !

Product Description

Apricot Kernels 

Apricot kernels are the Seeds from Apricot Fruit. Kohenoor International offer high quality apricot kernels, company has office in Production area of north of Pakistan where  100% wild and orgnic produces grown Gilgit, Hunza. 

Kohenoor International offer Both Sweet & Bitter Apricot Kernels , company can meet any requirments and also process and pack as per client need. 

What we offer. 

Apricot Kernels : . 

less then 5%
25 KG Bags
Under 10% 
22 Tons Per Container
Foreign Materials
Under 3% 
Detailed Images
Packing & Delivery

Packing 25 KG Bag As Kohenoor Brand , If client need its mark  we welcome that as well !

Delivery Prompt 15 Days or earlier

Contact Us


Kohenoor Interantional

1/2 1336 Old Subzi Market

Hyderabad 71000 Sindh 
Tel: 0092-22-2617407

Website & Email . 

info @ kohenoorint .com 

www . kohenoorint . com

WhatsApp , WeChat Kakao

WhatsApp : 0092-334-263-4411
WeChat : usmanhayat
Kakao : Kohenoorint 

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