Натуральная жареная гречиха для продажи

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1, Strict control of raw materials:Raw materials only come from high-altitude ecological areas, all product raw materials only selected from the Sichuan Province, Liangshan, more than 2500 meters above sea level natural ecological areas of high-quality bitter buckwheat. 2, More than 10 years product production experienceIn the field of buckwheat products production, we have many years of experience, the production combined with advance research, also work together with several well-known brands. 3, Excellent research and development capabilitiesThe manufacturer is the Partner of the National R & D Center for Coarse Cereal Processing and undertakes a number of key projects in the field of bitter buckwheat research (See the Certificate of Honor for Our Company) 4, Quality and safety rest assured.Buckwheat is gluten-free food raw materials, contains a variety of nutrients, products do not contain any food additives, product batch safety tests are carried out seriously during the production process. 5, Support OEM6, Reliable delivery time and on-time logistics guaranteeUnder 100 kg, shipped within 3 days, 100 kg to 1 ton, shipped within 7 days, More than 1 ton, shipped within 15 days, Together with ups, DHL, SF, EMS, FedEx and other international logistics companies, no matter where you are in the world, we strive to ensure quality, safety and time, keep you beyond the trend, and truly improve your profitability.





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