Электрическая Стеклянная керамическая индукционная плита с одной горелкой

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Product Information


Product dimension (WxDxH) mm
Cut of dimensions(WxD/R)mm
Rated voltage/frequency
Rated output power(W)
 Material of top  Surface
Ceramic Glass
 Color of top plate
30% downpayment when place the order, 70% balance before shipment

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German ceramic hearth, heat quickly
German glass-ceramic panel, explosion-proof high temperature
Overheating safety device, high safety
Glass temperature warning light design
Suitable for any heat-resistant, heat-conducting ceramic, metal half-pot
Intimate fire fine-tuning design

ㆍTop plate was equipped with German SCHOTT CERAN ceramic glass.
ㆍFashionable touch screen control design combines technical appearance.

ㆍBooster function was provided that rapidly heating up for cooking efficiently.
ㆍIntelligent timer makes your stew cooking so much secured and convenient.
ㆍSeveral safety devices were embedded such as over-heating protection, screen lock system, screen high temperature residual
warning, warning beep sound and auto shutoff functions...etc.

Company Profile

About JTL                                                         
Established in 1994, Taiwan JTL produced the first hanging type dish dryer in 1996 in Taiwan.

Currently JTL is still ranked number one popular brand of dish dryer nationally as well as being a popular brand of kitchen appliances including dish dryer, gas stove, induction hob, range hood, instantaneous gas water heater, and water purifier.

We devote to long term R&D in kitchen appliances and have always adhered to its commitment to ensure high-quality manufacturing process. With more than 20 years of strong manufacturing foundation and design carefully by attending to details and users experience, JTL integrates modern aesthetics into its advanced built-in appliances including rice cooker cabinet, water dispenser and drawer dish warming cabinet combination that creates a neat and charm kitchen for users enjoying the improved quality of life.

Taiwan JTL was ISO 9001 certified and have achieved MIT smile mark quality certification and Good Design award nationally.
Actions of the factory obtain international quality certification ISO 9001, the production of each product works based on SOP implementation, holding the establishment of the plant bright and tidy, and the overall planning principles: U-type production line to increase liquidity, grow production efficiency, design EPOXY Board dust, obstruction, ensure a good working environment for staff, and improve the quality of the factory.
Each section of the production line relied on SOP standard process; to seize the JTL most concerned about is that all products must be high quality.

QA (Quality Assurance) is the most important part of the work. Plant inspection (First Article Inspection), before leaving the factory to do a full inspection (Full Check), strict management of product quality: plant inspection work is according to CNS national standards.

Each gas furnace must check the switch, with a flame to test the flame of the gas furnace to ensure that the product to the consumer's hand has been 100% inspection to ensure that consumers use the security.

For household electrical appliances, all use the safety equipment in a regular check the voltage, ground wire. Before leaving the factory verify the safety of the product.
The establishment of laboratories, combined with the use of sophisticated machine simulation, strict inspection of the factory products.
JTL division of labor to research and technical personnel R&D design unique products. Since 2004, the establishment of a laboratory test gas furnace, electrical room. With the use of precision machinery such as: analysis of exhaust, CNS test, gas consumption, through the establishment of high temperature and high temperature, supervision of electronic IC products to capture, capture and edit possible problems in the future as a key design basis for structural design. In addition, more closely check the pressure, wear, vibration, open. In order to make the product in the factory before the quality assurance.


Q1.Are your factory manufacturer or Trade company?
We are factory and also trade company.
Q2.Can we visit your company?
Yes, we look forward to your visit.
Q3.What is your MOQ of this item?
We offer competitive MOQ quantities. Please contact us for more details.
Q4.Is it all right to make ODM OEM?
We offer ODM/OEM for some products. Please contact us for customization.
Q5.Where is your loading port?
Taichung, Taiwan
Q6.What are your payment terms?
We do accept T/T and credit card.
Q7.What is your sample time?
The sample time takes approximately 45 days.
Q8.How do you ship the goods?
We ship the goods by the sea-carrying shipment.
Q9.How about your after sales service?
We will provide the free spare part for bulk order. We will provide additional discount for customer rating.

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