Металлизированный лом ПК Cd/DVD

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 the leading plastic raw material companies and have worked with the customers from Korea, Netherland and Liverpool UK, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong & China main-lands.
Our core products are as follows:

  • Pc Water Bottles Blue Tint Regrind

  • PC Cd Natural Transparent Clear

  • PC Baby feeder Natural & Color Tint

  • ABS – Flakes and Recycled Granules/Pellets,

  • PC/ABS – Flakes and Recycled Granules/Pellets,

  • HIPS – Flakes and Recycled Granules/Pellets,

  • PET – Flakes (Hot or Cold Washed), PET Chips and Packaging strips

  • HDPE – Flakes and Recycled Granules/Pallets (Injection and Blow Grade)

  • Nylon – Waste and Fishing Net (PA66 and PA6)

  • PP – Crush and Recycled Granules

  • PP Co-polymer – Block and Battery Grade

These materials are being collected from root level i.e. mainly from manufacturing, fabrication, packaging, construction and demolition industries to be followed by crushing, washing, palletizing (if required), packaging, stocking and processing.

We ensure to keep a minimum stock maintained at our factory warehouse to replenish the customer’s stock on time without any delay on order confirmation.

We have come across your profile on web while exploring industry experts and taking it an opportunity to be in touch with you as we may have mutual interest in polymer trade.

Please feel free to contact us to enquire the stock position or seeking formal proposal.We will be looking forward to have a discussion with you and anticipating an acknowledgement. 

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