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Product Description

SEEDS2Oil Comfort Model is Home Oil Maker - Cold Oil press delivering approx 2 litres per hour , weighing only 5 kg approx and it is made of electrically insulated body for high safety. This machine provides the solution of making Pure oil at home when blending of Refined Palm oil and Liquid Paraffin are increasing day by day due to shortage of Oil seeds. 


The Crushing unit is screw and chamber like expeller , but it rotates at low speed like 60 rpm in order not to heat the oil. During normal operation, the Oil temperature is within 25 degrees of Room temp as stipulated for Cold Pressed oIls. Once oil is extracted by squeezing , the cake which is solid , is heated with a heater to pump it out. There is a cake cutter in order reduce the storage space for cake. Cake temperature is upto 210 degC.


The hopper capacity is approx 1kg. The machine can crush upto 5 kg per hour depending of the seeds. In Case of Copra it will feed slower due to sticky soft nature of Copra.


The Electronics of the machine announces the prompting for user friendliness. The language is normally english / Hindi , factory settable. Field selectable between Hindi and english by changing a jumper in the PCBA of teh machine at the service centre. . Machine PCBA  has inbuilt overload protection and protection to switch off if the fan fails and thereby the plastic heats above 80 deg C, the machine is switched off. Further if the swivel casing is lifted , the machine switches off to ensure safety.


Normally service is not required if the machine is cleaned after every use. It is advisable to remove screw and chaber when they are hot with the gloves and separate them and brush it with the brush supplied with the machine.Cleaning improves hygiene before next use.



operating panel.jpg                       Instruction sticker.png

The operation involves Choosing the temperature and it takes about 3-4 minutes to heat the cake chamber. Initially machine clears itself by reversing and then starts forwarding , feed a handful at this time and once the cake and oil comes out normally, fill the hopper. The Oil slots in the chamber from where the cold pressed oil is coming out has be cleaned with brush frequently, say once in 30 minutes. For manually reversing the machine press Pause function button twice.


It is important to have dry seeds to have trouble free operation. When the moisture is in seeds, it makes it like a paste and blocks the oil passge. It solidifies in the screw tip, especially in rainly and moist days. Drying seeds in air fryer or oven at 100 deg C for 5 minutes helps to remove most of the moisture and some amount of moisture is required to be in the seeds.


The shelf life of the oil produced is less than 2 months and hence do not make it for more than 1-2 months. Seed can be stored safely instead of oil, now that you have the machine at your disposal.


Approx oil content in seeds range accroding to type and quality of seeds. The typical values are Ground nut 500 ml/kg, Coconut 600 ml/kg, Mustard 350 ml/kg, sesame 450 ml/kg, Almond 500 ml/kg, Walnut 400 ml/kg etc., 

seeds and oil content.png


We have Extracted oil from other seeds such as Flax seed, Moring Seed, Sunflower seed, Watermelon seed, Pumpkin seed, Safflower seed, Soya bean seed, Hazel nut, Hemp seed, Rapeseed, Pine nut, Coco seed, Perilla seed, Castor seed, Neem seed, Kalonji (Black Jira) , Poppy seed etc., 

Seeds that can work.png


Oil is best stored in dark bottles without exposure to light to increase the shelf life.


The benefits of pure oil made in our machine is all the members of the family are benefitted with the following: 




1. Pure without chemicals and additives

2. Minerals and Vitamins in natural form as in seeds

3. Improved youth and fertility levels with untampered lipids

4. Good disgestion as it is free from Mineral oils

5. Good Hair growth by consumption and oil on hair 

6. Blood pressure controlled

7. Improved immunity

8. Every cell nourished gives freshness

9. Cake which is full of protein, solid form of vitamins and minerals , which is the main raw material for many health drinks, is available to you to add with food preparations for gravy



Our Machine has a life of 10 years and comes with a warranty for service for 1 year. 


The advantageous features of our machine are 


1. DC Motor Low noise, and low power consumption, our machine consumes less than 100 W as against AC Motors upto 400 W for teh same output.

2. Our heater is of higher capcity to reduce waiting time, the machine starts operating in 3-4 monutes as against 10-15 minutes by low wattage machines (no temp control).

3. Food grade stainless steel is used for crushing chamber and screw.

4. Attractive colour options are available

5. Overall power consumption so low, 6 litres per unit of electricity.


Our Comfort Model is further added with the following features:


1. Metal inserts in assembly threads for screwed fasteners to ensure 10 years of serviced life. Many machines have plastic body threads which fail in 3-4 times tightening within 2 years.

2. Hopper has a sieve which prevents fingers reaching the screw, for safety. Further it prevents large objects from choking the machine.

3. Larger cake tray is provided for safety and convneience. Safrty from hand burning while removing cake.

4. Power plug in D Type plug and English Plug have 4A fuse to allow easy replacement of fuse, if fused due to overload.

Plug with fuse.jpg

5. Two language option

6. 5 minutes Pause function

7. Facility to check the No of hours run

8. Instruction to replace Motor Fan after 150 hours of full load usage.



Our machine can work from 110 - 245 V 50/60 hz ac power. The speed of operation at 110V will be less .


The packing size is 40.5cm height x22.5cm x 40 cm.


Carton Box.png



Seaworthy packing will be wooden outer for 5 units to dim 58 cm Height x 130cmx480cm with forlift facility weighing nett 42.5kg and gross 67.5 kg.shipping carton.jpg


Overnight settling of the oil is enough to filter the oil.




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