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Nano Amino

Amino Acids for Plant Growth

  • Shortcut plant photosynthesis

  • Plant can use immediately

  • Can see result within 7 days

Product Description

Amino Acids

     Growth of living organisms, plant or animal, contain of a composition called protein. Protein is molecular chain of composing substances. The composing substance are amino acids. In another hand, amino acid is the precursor of protein. So, amino acid is the important for growth and strength of living organisms. Scientists found that there are more than 20 kinds of amino acid and each kind of amino acid has different feature and function to plant and animal growth.


Amino Acids and Agriculture


     Plant cans natural produce amino acid by minerals from the soil, water and the air. Amino acid production in plant is natural limited. So, the amino acids amount produced by plant can not reach the amino acid amount that plant need. Amino acid is deficiency makes plant grow incompletely. By knowledge of agricultural scientists, instant amino acid is brought to apply for plant. Plant can use immediately without biochemical process that plants produce for themselves. It is like plant growth promoter for increasing yield and supporting better quality of yield.


Nano Amino for every kinds of plant (Plant can use immediately by plant leaf root)

     Nano Amino completely consists of macronutrient, micronutrient and trace element that plant needs. Moreover Nano Amino also consists of more than 18 kinds of amino acid that is formed in available form for plant to use. This product can help renew tree after harvesting, active new leaf, support greener leaf and get higher yield with high quality.


Benefits of Nano amino

  • Extracted from natural organic ingredients. Thus ensuring that these is no bad effect to soil or living organisms in the soil, including  farmers and consumers.

  • Complete with macronutrients N P K, micronutrient and trace element, including mre than 8 kinds of amino acids that plants cause immediately.

  • Support plant strength and plant hormone production for plant growth.

  • Consist of inhibitor to protect plant disease.

  • Consist of organic matter to increase soil fertility

  • Not contain molasses that cause disease in plants, especially the disease caused by fungi 

  • Apply by foliar application that nutrients can be beneficial to plant more than 90%

  • Manufactured locally by using local raw materials with foreign technology. This ensures that the effervescent amino acid tablet is with reasonably price and excellent quality. Every step of the production process, controlled quality by technicians and experts with standard laboratory procedures.

  • Can be used with any fertilizer, and any substance.

Packaging & Shipping


Bottle 1 Liter 


Sea Freight, truck and etc.



Application of use


  • Mix Nano Amino with water in ratio 1:400 to spray on leaf, soil or use with drip irrigation.(Should spray during 5 a.m - 9 a.m or 16.00 p.m - 20.00 p.m and should not spray during strong sunlight)

  • Can use with every kind of plant

  • In case of mixing with pther product, mix other product with water first then put tablet into the water.

  • Can use with any plant





Nano Amino TABLET concentrate with 5g/200 liter of water










Bell-Pepper, Chili, Bird chili, Eggplant, Angled Loofah, Okra

At 15-20 cm height

Just before flower initiation stage

At start of fruit setting stage

Every 7 days until harvest

24 hours before each picking or harvesting

French Beans, Long Bean, Garden Pea, snap peas

At 6 leaf growth stage

At start of  flowering stage

At start of setting of pods

Spray every 7 days until harvest or until harvest is completed for crop

Cabbage, Broccoli, Chinese Kale, Cauliflower

At 6 true leaf growth stage

10 days later

At first appearance of head of plant and thereafter every 7 days until harvest

Carrot, Onion, Radish, Turnips

2-3 weeks after germination

At start of root enlargement

Every 10-14 days until harvest and within 48 hours period before harvest.

Green Leafy Vegetables (eg. Pak Choi, Chinese Mustard, Chye Sim, Spinach, Bok Choi), Morning Glory(Tangkong)

At 4-6 leaf stage

7-10 days later

7-10 days later

 Every 7 days until harvest

Within 48 hours period before harvesting

Cucumber, Zucchini, Squash, Pumpkin, Melon, Water Melon and pineapple

At first 4-5 leaf stage

First pre-bloom

10 days later

Every 7 days until harvest

Within 48 hours period before each picking

Yellow Corn, Sweet Corn

At 4-5 leaf stage

(15 DAS)

At 50-75 cm. growth (30 DAS)

Just before tasseling growth stage and last spray 10 days after


At 15-25 cm. growth

At first pre-bloom or before flowering

At first fruit set

Every 7 days until and during harvest

 Within 48 hr. period before each picking (if possible)

Sugar Cane

At 4-5 leaf stage or 21 days after planting

60 days after planting

100 days after planting


4th Spray

at 150 days after planting


During planting period or basal drench during tiling

60 days after planting

1:250 dilution and applied as sprays to the leaves and around root area/drip line of plant

100-120 days after planting




Recommendations: In case of soil pH is lower than 5 or long term chemical fertilizer using, should adjust soil by applying Black Wonder 150-300kg/ha and Better Max 150-300 kg/ha.  For Nano Amino Tablet should spray during early morning or late evening. Remarks:1.This protocol is for our recommendation in Thailand.2.The agricultural factors in each area and country are different. Such as : soil condition, rainfall, weather, farmer practice. So customers can adjust our recommendation to their farmers' practice by asking farmers' practice and substituting fertilizer that farmer use, with ICL fertilizer



















Our Services

OEM : Original Equipment Manufacturer

ODM : Original Design Manufacturer

We can design special formula for you which is suitable for your crop and area.  

         • ion Control & Negative rechange

         • Ebpher Technology

         • 3T Technology

         • HCC Technology

         • ion Rainbow Technology

         • SAH Technology

         • Bag by bag Bulk Blend by Computer

         • Pallet system

         • 9 Quality control

         • iLab Certificate



Company Information

About Smart Agri-Tech Co.,Ltd.


Smart Agri-Tech Co., Ltd. is under the management by Ionique Co., Ltd.(SAT) was established in Thailand since 2001. The Main Shareholders 90% are several Thai groups. SAT enters into Thailand with determination to improve farming practice with the use of technologically developed inputs and the use of them. We work hand in hand with our customers (farmers) on their farm for proper farm practice while using our products. Our strength in the use of new technology is proven in increase in production and higher yield in harvest experience in many countries that we have our presence.

Our management is under the ISO 9011:2008 and ISO/IEC 17025 to be the standard in the progress to make customer satisfied. We also get the support from National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) and National Innovation Agency (NIA) to continuously research and develop products.


We are the first and only one organic fertilizer factory which receives the "HALAL certificate" from Central Islamic Committee of Thailand.

The factories pass the "Green Industrial certified" (CSR-DIW) from Ministry of Industry of the Kingdom of Thailand which shown that our factory has a social responsibility and ecofriendly management.

SAT has more than 40 products such as organic fertilizer, organic-chemical fertilizer, organic fungicide, organic insecticide, irrigation system, laboratory, agriculture machinery and rubber tree King Variety 984.

We also focus to actively provide sustainable farming communities with education program about the use of modern farming technology with organic system and to extend our technical know-how over the boarder of Thailand.

Not only sale and distribution, but SAT also focuses on developing of innovation, using technology in plant cultivation, and educating farmers to get higher yield by specialists.





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