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Product description Specification

Hydrated Lime (Caicium Hydroxide) Ca(OH)2 90-95%
Fine white powder,specific gravity 2.24,decomposes at 580 degree to form calcium oxide,and will absorb CO 2 to form CaCO 3 in the open air.Dissolvable in acid and glycerin,difficult to dissolve in water,un-dissolvable in ethanol. It is widely utilized in lemon acid, polluted water treatment,leather,waste gas treatment,water purifier,gold mining,painting,bleaching agent,metallurgy, epoxy propane,medicine,rubber,ethyne and additive for petro-chemical products.etc.

Specification                       Standard
CaO                                 %≥90.0
Mgo                                 %≤2.0
S                                      %≤0.060
Moisture                           %≤0.50
Grain size ≤0.1mm            %≥90


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