100% первоклассная универсальная пшеничная мука для продажи

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Premium Whole Wheat bread Flour / All Purpose Flour for sale at Discount Rate

Ground or milled wheat-flour processed without added chemicals from Indian Non-GMO wheat strains,
Whole wheat flour is rich in B-vitamins, vitamin E and protein, and contains more trace minerals and dietary fiber than white flour.

We are successfully engaged in providing a wide gamut of Gluten-free Wheat Flour. We are engaged in presenting a wide range of excellent quality Wheat Flour. This flour is good for digestion and health. we are capable enough of serving the clients in a shortest time possible. We have well-maintained and capacious storage unit that includes all required facilities vital for a safe stacking of the products. We are working with experts and professionals and they supervise the range sternly ensuring zero damage to the stored items.


Quality Characteristics

High Grade

First grade

Second Grade

Whole grain wheat flour “Zhitnitsa”


White or white with a cream hue

White or white with a yellowy hue

White or white with a yellowy or grayish hue

White or white with a yellowy hue

Ash content

max. 0,55%

max. 0,75%

max. 1,25%

max.  1,9%


min. 54%

min. 36%

min. 12%

max. 11%

Raw gluten

min. 28%

min. 30%

min. 25%

min. 20%


min. 11%

min. 12,5%

min. 13%

min. 15%

Moisture content

max. 14%

max. 14%

max. 14%

max. 13%


1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 25, 50 kg

25, 50 kg




No preservatives used
No adulteration
Good for digestion

Wheat Flour
The wheat flour is produced from soft white milling wheat.

Grade Extra wheat flour has bright white color. It is used for bread baking ( croissants, baguettes, brioche, chouquettes) and confectionery (pies, cakes, cookies) of high quality, used for a flaky, short pastry and yeast dough, noodles. Approximately corresponds to EU specifications: Type 55 (France), Type 550 (Germany), Type 550 (Poland).

Grade First flour has protein content 11%, making it excellent for bread and cake baking, cookies, noodles, and pancakes. Approximately corresponds to EU specifications: Type 65 (France), Type 812 (Germany), Type 750 (Poland).


The grades are as defined in state standard DSTU 46.004-99. We are also able to produce various wheat flour types and can produce them .



in polypropylene bags, 25kg;
in polypropylene bags, 50kg.

Delivery terms: FCA, CPT, DAP, FOB, CFR.

Shipment options:

in 20' containers with loading (440 bags) 22 MT of commodity
in railway wagon with loading (1277 bags) 63,850 MT of commodity;






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