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Product Selling Point

Special for fire gas stove, hard material can bear metal shovels.

Ultra-lightweight pot, easy to cook with one hand.

Fluorine resin coating, anti-dirts & easy cleaning.(3-layer strengthened pot with perfect anti-dirts & scratch resistance.)

Diamond coating, TOP primer coating, primer coating, aluminum alloy, Paint coating.

1-Patented blue diamond coating with non-stick effect.
2-One-time molding handle, no protruding rivets in the pot, easy to clean.
3-Hard material can bear metal shovels.

Company Profile

Taiwan is a small island country, however she has owned a high technology industry ahead of the world.
With the high coverage of Internet, which contributes to the high level of development of e-commerce; almost everyone has an online shopping experience. We, THINKER Enterprise Ltd., are established within the background of high development internet in 2012.

We proactively venture the main e-commerce channels in the market, and also founded our own brand of e-commerce platform. In the cyber world, the products and the prices are transparent and therefore more and more competitors increase the challenges to us.
Under this special business module, we have accumulated many experiences of how to operate successful ecommerce within our professional knowledge and skills.

We began with only three members of staff and now became:

01.The main supplier for housewares for every big ecommerce platform
THINKER Enterprise has invaluable experience of operating a successful e-commerce platform. We deeply understand the pain points and disadvantages of being a beginner seller within e-commerce.We have been there and learned how to resolve the problems to optimise our service and products, to become where we are.

02.Proxy for famous housewares domestically and internationally
With our experience and professionalism, we can certainly provide you with various products in various quantities; we can be your stable supplier; we can assist you to expand your e-commerce business in an endless online world.

03.Professional Photography Studio
Own independent photography studios and also develop our own brand products.

04.Working Efficiently
Have 30 members of staff in marketing and design teams.

05.Monthly shipment of thousands of items
Operate our own warehouse and cooperate with our logistic teams.

Serve e-commerce sellers
we provide service for e-commerce sellers across the world, also coordinate with Amazon, eBay and other platforms into the
Support and deliver various quantities for various items
we offer the product order service of various quantities for various items; orders can be packaged and shipped.

Fast delivery
every item is in stock and we can deliver your shipment from our own warehouses.

Provide images
we will provide the requests of the product images and materials for the e-commerce platforms.
The warranty of new products
if the product’s damage is caused by the product quality or transport, you will be guaranteed to get compensation or product alternatives.

Customised service
we provide the service of O.E.M, including the change of packaging and logo printing service.

Q1.Do you operate as a manufacturer or trader?
A:We are the brand owner aka trader who has collaborations with many manufacturers. However we are not a traditional trader as we have our own warehouse and stocked items, and also operate as an agent.

Q2.Why choose us?
A:We own the stocked warehouse, therefore can offer a logistic service with various quantities and various items with
express delivery.

Q3.What is your transactional mode?
A:We provide trading with FOB in Taichung Port. If you have appointed your
own forwarder or shipping agent from other ports, the delivery fees can be changed. Please contact our sales staff to get more information.

Q4.Are your products branded label or white label?
A:We have both labels; even if for a third party international brand, the key point is the high quality product itself. Regional popular brands are one of the factors for brand endorsement.

Q5.May I have a look at the samples of your products?
A:Yes, we are partnered with Alibaba for sample policy.

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