Сертификация CE Германия бруски 808 год лазерная депиляция

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755 810 1064 diode laser diodo laser oem laser de diodo depilacion
Npro is a solution for fast hair removal with 808nm high power laser diodes. It is designed with TEC and sapphire cooling unit for skin contact. The laser beam is collimated with a patented technology of beam shaping for a high efficiency for hair removal solutions. This diode laser hair removal can be used for white to light brown skin with dark color hair. The pulse energy is up to 100J/cm2. It is a permanent diode laser hair removal system.

Product Description

755 810 1064 diode laser diodo laser oem laser de diodo depilacion
 755/808/1064 nm optional
Pulse Width
Energy Fluence
Skin Cooling
Double TEC + Sapphire
Laser Window
14x14 mm
Laser Cooling Liquid
Purified Water
Cooling Water Volume
LCD Screen
8.4' inch Touch LCD
Environment Temperature
5~45 centigrade
Environment Moisture

Handpiece Advantage


Technology features
1. Big spot size (14*14 mm / 10*20 mm), bigger size can be customized.
2. Intelligent Color Touchable Interface.
3. There are two modes of operation: Stationary & in motion. In the latter mode, the frequency can reach 10 Hz.
4. High temperature operation environment, even up to 45 Deg.C.
5. No energy loss within whole lifetime.
6. TEC + Sapphire + Water + Fans cooling system. Temperature on the tip of hand piece can reach -10℃.
7. Long lifetime can reach 50 million shots.
• Compare Macro or Micro channel with SLD

More details

MCU Control Board
* Control laser diode driver, pump, fans and all the other parts of the system.

* Control peltier cooler to reach -5℃~+5℃ for Skin Cooling
* Communication with LCD screen.

Laser Diode Stack
* QCW laser diode bars with peak power 800W, 1200W, 1800W, 2000W etc.
* 6~20 bars per stack.
* Typical 808nm/940nm, other wavelength available.
* Long life time > 20 Million Shots
* Support custom package design(for company technology-lead)

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Company Profile

LASERCONN is an advanced medical & aesthetic laser manufacturer from Beijing, China. Since 2007, the founders of the company have been focusing on high reliability & long life time research for the high power diode lasers. And now we become the leading company that can provide pulsed infrared laser over 50 million shots, which is 5-10 times longer compared with lasers from Israel, Germany and USA.

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