Устройство личной самозащиты охранник Ангел

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  Guardian angel ALARM  personal self defense device

Hand-pull Style Guardian Angel Shaped Alarm

 Designed with Guardian Angel wing shape

 Small and convenient to carry

 No need to worry about losing things and get rid of lady-killers

 Avoid Losing function: hitch things with accessary rope, and hitch the insert-piece rope over fixed place of your body, when the insert-piece is divorced from annunciator, the annunciator will give an alarm signal

 Defend lady-killer function: be applied to the public(as on the bus, subway, and other place), when you get into a danger, please pull the insert-piece out, the annunciator will give an alarm signal, which can scare lady-killer and baddie away

 Size: 55 x 30 x 18mm/ 2.16 x 1.18 x 0.71in  

Net weight: 17g/ 0.60oz


  • or activity

  • It offers the owner a true sense of protection

  • It emits a loud 130dB alarm

  • Immediately activated by pulling the pin/cord

  • Deactivate it by replacing the pin to its original position

  • The siren is activated by removing the pull-cord pin

  • The personal alarm fits in the palm of your hand or attaches easily to a belt, purse

  • or clothing

  • Take the personal alarm wherever you go to provide added security against harassment or attack

  • It can also be used to attract attention if you should fall or hurt yourself

  • It could be a lifesaver for virtually everyone travelers, students, seniors, shoppers, joggers, skiers, cyclists, hikers, delivery people, nurses, late shift workers

  • Features:

  • Small and lightweight

  • Extremely loud 100 decibel audio siren

  • Can be used as a bag snatching alarm

  • Very strong ABS plastic casing

  • Stable and reliable digital technology

  • Continuous sound output

  • 010(4)98.jpg

  • Specifications:
    - Product weight: About 40g

    - Product dimension: 4.7*3.4*1.5cm-

    - Alarm voice: About 130db/m
    - Power supply: 4.5V

    - Color: Pink, blue, 

  • Guardian angel ALARM  personal self defense device

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