Ионизатор воды ALKAMEDI

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Описание и отзывы


Alkaline Water Ionizer(Model : AMS 2000)


Fold-down(Hidden) Dispenser –Two Stage Stretch

Patented Auto-cleaning Water-cell(Electrolytic Chamber)

LCD Color Auto Change System

One Touch Button

Built-in Water Supply Valve


*Fold-down(Hidden) Dispenser -Two Stage Stretch

Unit’s originality in its technology and body design

-.Totally different from the traditional output flex hose.

-.Fold down (hide) the dispenser when an unit not operated.

-.Fold out the dispenser before an unit is operated.


*Auto-cleaning Water-cell(Electrolytic Chamber)

Electrode polarity auto-alternation system

-.Not annoyed by water-cell cleaning time interval.

-.At every time of machine operation, the polarity of the electrode plates is automatically reversed and accordingly alkaline or acidic ionizer water is continuously available from a given output port without any interruption even while a water cell is cleaned. This unique technology enables electrode plates to be efficiently kept free from a portable ionic scale formation and makes a water and time save. This device has the very stable and perfect mechanism and very ideal for water ionizer devices.


*LCD Color Auto Change System

LCD color is varied according to the chosen pH level

-.7 colors for each pH level indication

-.Easy to confirm the presently chosen pH level

-.50% fade (dim) color or preceding operation in a standby mode.


*One Touch Button

-.Just push a button lightly.

-.Voice guide upon pushing each button.

-.Voice and melody sound upon ACW output.


*Built-in Water Supply Valve

-.Tap-on / off built-in water valve – Convenience.

-.Precise adjustment of water inflow.

-.Valve-surrounded illumination – Convenience for night time use.


*LCD Indicator Function

For customer’s convenience

-.LCD screen gives almost all unit operation information.

(Filter life, Authenticated filter recognition, Disorder notice, Voice & Melody)



Original filter recognizer integrated

Easier filter replacement(Anyone can easily replace a filter)

-.Use only original filter to prevent unit disorder.

-.Enhance customer’s trust by avoiding any imitated filter.

-.No ionization process (alkaline & acidic water) in case original filter is not used

(imitated filter used)


*Acidic Outlet Hose Holder

Just hold(fix) the acidic outlet hose at anywhere in the sink

(Upper, left or right side)

-.Can hold the acidic hose stably.

-.Lovely view and convenience

-.Prevent the acidic hose from exposing to food wastes in the sink.

-.Freely move the hose around(can detach the holder and stainless dispesser)



Product / Model No.

Medical substance generator / AMS 2000

Dimension / Weight

345 * 240 * 150(mm) / 5.1Kg

A pplicable water pressure/temp.

0.7~5Kg/cm2 / 5 ~ 30 degree celsius

Operation type / Means

One touch button / Water supply valve on-off




Continuous electrolysis

Electrolysis strength

Total 7 levels (alkaline 4 levels + Neutrality + Acidic 2 levels)

Cleaning device

Automatic system (no waiting interval)

Electrode materials

Platinum and Titanium


Filter replacement

Easily replaceable cartridge

Filter life

About 3600L

Filter life indicator


Excessive current prevention device

Built-in bimetallic temperature sensor

Water Supply

Direct connection to a faucet or water line

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