Flour Mill Wheat Flour From Europe.

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Whole wheat flour nutritional value per 100g serving is:3






Characteristics of wheat flour and types


Wheat flour is the result of grinding wheat grain alone or mixing it with durum wheat. The characteristics of wheat flour can be very different depending on the type of grain used (hard or soft), or the type of grinding that is carried out, that is, the way in which the grain is destroyed.

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White wheat flour


First, the wheat grains are cleaned and the germ, bran and aleurone layer inside the grain itself begin to separate. One time
We have done this step, grinding is executed and based on the size of the particles a classification is made.



De aquí obtenemos diferentes tipos de harina como la sémola, la semolina, la mostacilla y la harina gruesa y fina. These types of flour are used as the basis for many types of food such as pasta or bread, among others.


Whole wheat flour


Whole wheat flouris the consequence of grinding whole grain. In this way, the material we obtain will have a much darker and more intense color. This procedure will also allow us to obtain a flour that maintains its properties much better.



Some of our products are made with whole wheat flour, which is the case with whole-grain curls.


Nutritional Value of Wheat Flour


Wheat is a food rich in carbohydrates, although it also contains to a lesser extent proteins, fats, minerals and a considerable contribution of vitamins, specifically A, B-3 and B-9.



Another of the most particular characteristics of wheat grain is its low water supply. This uniqueness with respect to other foods allows the flour to be preserved very easily.



Gluten, one of the proteins found in flour, is responsible for this
have an elasticity and spongy incomparable with other foods.



On the other hand, wholemeal flour, in addition to having a lower glycemic index, provides a greater amount of nutrients, although it contains more fat than white.



Magnesium, calcium, potassium or fiber are other components that make wheat flour a complete food. These characteristics make wheat flour among the healthiest types of flour.


Benefits of wheat flour


Today we find a lot of products that contain wheat flour. Some products that are part of our diet such as bread or pasta are made with a significant amount of flour.



In fact, for a diet to be considered healthy and balanced, it must contain foods of all kinds. Nor can those that provide us with a considerable amount of carbohydrates be missing.




Commodities Trading Area Services offered below.

• Bread flour
• Self-rising flour
• Enriched flour
• Whole-wheat flour
• Whole-wheat bread flour
• Graham flour
• Durum flour
• Semolina flour
• Kamut flour
• Amaranth flour
• Barley flour
• Buckwheat flour
• Corn flour
• Cornmeal
• Legume flours
• Millet flour
• Oat flour
• Potato flour
• Quinoa flour
• Rice flour
• Rye flour
• Soy and soya flour
• Spelt flour
• Triticale flour & Etc.

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