Скребок двигателя, алюминиевый скребок двигателя, скребок двигателя для алюминиевого автомобиля

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Engine Block Scrap, Aluminum engine block scrap, Aluminum Car Engine Scrap.

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We have dismantled the car about from 2,000 units to 3,000 units per month.

It is almost Japanese car(Honda,Nissan,Mitsubishi,Daihatsu,etc).

And we have got many scrap engine to get the aluminum and supply.

We have exported it to many countries by container every month.

The recovery rate of aluminum is approximately from 30% to 40%.So it has so many aluminum than other country engine.

We can arrange the container for scrap engine and supply about 2-4 container per month.

The price of scrap engine has been changing day by day. So Could you contact to us anytime please?

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