Японские сувениры, винтажное повседневное кимоно с зернистой фактурой горячего лета, традиционное кимоно

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Products Description

Kimonos, Japan's national costume, have been handed down from generation to generation throughout the country's long history and are one of Japan's proudest traditional cultures.

"Awa shijira-ori was originally made as a fabric for kimonos.
Thanks to the uneven surface of the fabric, which is called "grain," Awa Shijiraori is light and cool to the touch, perfect for the hot summers in Japan.
Kimonos made of Awa Shijiraori are very popular at Japanese festivals and as souvenirs for foreign people.

Product Name
Brand Name
Nagao Orifu
Place of Origin

Company Profile

Our company was established in 1897 and has been manufacturing cotton textiles since then. We mainly manufacture Awa Shijiraori, a traditional Japanese craft. Awa shijira-ori is characterized by the unevenness of its surface, called "grain," which makes it breathable, light, cool, and pleasant to the touch.

At our factory, we carry out integrated production from yarn preparation to dyeing, gluing, warping, weaving, and drying and finishing.
In recent years, we have also participated in overseas fabric exhibitions, and are striving to have our fabrics used in a variety of situations.

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