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Products Description

Moromi vinegar is a soft drink made by squeezing the moromi lees produced in the process of making Awamori.
It contains citric acid and essential amino acids, which are produced by the black koji bacteria unique to Awamori.

Appealing points
The main ingredient is the "mash" produced from the distillation of Awamori, a specialty of Okinawa, which is made using the black koji bacterium that produces citric acid.
Unlike vinegar, the main ingredient is natural citric acid (content 890mg) born from black koji mold, and it contains rich nutrients.
It is made from 100% brown sugar from Okinawa, which gives it a mild taste and makes it delicious to drink.

The following effects can be expected.
Fatigue recovery effect
Fat burning effect
Relieves stiff shoulders
Relaxing effect
Improves blood flow

How to use
Moromi vinegar can be used not only as a drink, but also as a seasoning or dressing.
It can also be frozen in the freezer and enjoyed as a sorbet.

Appeal to buyers
The product lineup will include traditional Japanese foods and other specialties for health-conscious and nature-conscious people.
We do business with health-conscious stores and restaurants.
We have a wide range of experience in dealing with individual stores and chain stores.
We can provide a wide range of products, from single item assortments to case shipments, depending on the customer.

Product Name
Ryukyu Black Malted Rice Vinegar
Brand Name
Place of Origin

Company Profile

More delicious, more healthy
We distribute natural food products from our distribution center in Kanagawa to stores all over Japan.
We have more than 2,000 items in our product line, with emphasis on products without additives such as chemical seasonings and preservatives.
We can provide many kinds of healthy products, sweets, noodles, seasonings, processed goods, and so on.
In addition, we have a GMP factory in Kanagawa Prefecture, and we offer OEM services for supplements.

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