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Wood grain stone marble PVDF coating texture aluminum panel


Introduction of the PVDF roller coating

Roller Coating is pre-coated with PVDF paints on continuous aluminum coils by rollers with or without patterns.With latest PVDF roller coating line, we coat aluminum coil with mono-color or various special patterns to imitate the natural pattern of stone ,timber, GRC and etc.
The roller coated coils can be cut, bended and assembled into facade cladding panels, or be fabricated into corrugated panels with specific equipment.

Advantages of Pre-coated PVDF Roller Coating VS Spray-coated PVDF Coating

1. Excellent Flatness: The aluminum internal stress has been fully relieved during pre-coating by high tempreture baking when it is still flat, it is fabricated without being welded and unlike spray coated panel, once fabricated the roller coating panel won't be baked again. All the above result in least distortion and excellent panel flatness.
2. Environment friendly: Unlike spray coating, roller coating does not create paint mist. And compared with 50% paint usage by spray coating, roller coating's paint usage is over 95%
3. Excellent Color Consistency: Least coating thickness tolerance, least baking temperature tolerance and continuous coating on coil contribute to the excellent color consistency of roller coating aluminum panels.
4. Exquisite finish: The roller coating aluminum panel is pre-coated by way of pressing printing with nongranular, non-porous, stainless fine and smooth finish
5. Various Patterns Available: Similar to roller printing technology, the roller coating aluminum panels are available with various vivid patterns including stone, timber and etc. by using different rollers engraved with different patterns.
6. High Efficiency: With automatic production line, the production efficiency is 20-100+ meters per minute. which ensures the quick delivery time.
7. Large size capacity: the maximum height of aluminum cladding panel with Pre-coated PVDF Roller Coating is 9 meters

Advantages of Togen aluminum roller coating panel

1. Best quality- Our roller coating line is the only line with 6-coat 6-bake system with all coating layers of PVDF coating; Tested and certified by 3rd party lab complying with AAMA2605, RoHS, EU REACH, EN 13501
2. Best durability- 20-year warranty, co-assured and certified by PPG; Best color consistency- Because the aluminum sheet is pre-coated in coil continuously, other than coated in sheet by sheet
3. The thickest PVDF roller coating solid sheet (3.15mm) is available- We are the only factory who can PVDF roller coating solid sheet of thickness above 2.5mm
4. The widest PVDF roller coating solid sheet (1600mm) is available
5. Fabricated and assembled aluminum cladding panel with PVDF roller coating is available- We can supply the final aluminum cladding panels with PVDF roller coating. We are the only factory who can do both PVDF roller coating and aluminum cladding panel fabrication and assembling in the same premise.
6. Most various coating pattern selection
7. Various Textures by embossing or coating itself are available
8. Most precise fabrication and assembling
9. Highest attention paid on detailed treatment quality on corners, joints, and re-enforcement, etc.
10. Best service- We are able to customize colors and patterns and assist on installation system design.


Product Performance

Test items
Test Methods
Test Results
Test Requirment
Color Uniformity
ASTM D2244-16
Specular Gloss
ASTM D523-14 using 60 degree gloss meter
Gloss: 24.8
Dry Film Hardness
ASTM D3363-05(R2011)ԑ²
Scratch Hardness: 3H
Film Adhesion
ASTM D3359-17
Dry: Class 5B
Wet[1]: Glass 5B
Boiling Water²: Glass 5B
No removal of film under the tape within or outside of the cross- hatched area or blistering anywhere on the test specimen
Impact Resistance
AAMA 2605
Section 8.5
After impact, no remova
No removal of film from substrate
Abrasion Resistance
ASTM D968-17
method A
Abrasion Coefficient: 118.6
Abrasion coefficient≥40
Muriatic Acid resistance (15 minute Spot)[1]
AAMA 2605
Section 8.7.1
Class 5B, no visual change
No Bistering and no visual change in apperance
Mortar Resistance(24 Hour Pat Test)²
AAMA 2605
Section 8.7.2
Class 5B, no visual change
There shall no loss of film adhesion or visual change in apperance 
Nitric Acid Resistance³
AAMA 2605
Section 8.7.3
Color change △E≤5
Detergent Resistance[4]
AAMA 2605
Section 8.7.4
Class 5B. no visual change
No loss of adhesion of the film to the metal. No blistering and no siginificant visual change in apperance

Fire Classification-A1 EN13501-1

EN ISO 1716:2010
Facing coating, MJ/m²
The whole product, MJ/kg
EN 13823:2010+A1:2014*
THR[6005], MJ
LFS, m
<Edge of Specimen
SMOGRA, m²/s²
TSP[6005]. m²
Flaming Droplets/Particles
No flaming droplets/particles occur within 600S

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We supply wood finish, stone finish, Chameleon color, solid color, metallic color, and customized colors and patterns. Also if you have any other customized color please let us know your pantone/RAL color code, or send us your actual sample for us to simulate. Brief introduction to different colors and finishes:

Woodgrain Finish
Woodgrain Finish reminds people of ecology and environmental protection, reflecting simple but profound connotations.

Stone Finish
Stone finish can be defined as a new fashion universally used in office buildings and museums as it is serious and solemn. As a combination of tradition and modern, stone finish shows the development of ages

Chameleon color
Different colors keep transitioning in the sun, refreshing people's visual experience.

Metallic color
Metallic texture gives off a feeling of high-tech, which is stunning and mysterious, making people want to reach down the surface and touch

Solid Color
Solid color is a good choice as they are simple but straightforward and never seem to be out of date. Every single color can be an expression of the emotion architect is trying to convey

Custom finish
We provide Custom Finish tailored to your preferences. You name it, and we will do our best to guarantee your satisfaction.




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Product: Woodgrain Finishing

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Product: 3mm Roller Coating Aluminum in Stone Pattern

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