Японский высококачественный Органический крем для тела, увлажняющее Свиное масло

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Products Description

Organic body cream moisturizer made out of 100% domestic boar oil from Japan.
It protects your skin from drying, and is also gentle on sensitive skin.

●Contains no artificial colorants, preservatives and fragrances.
Made using/from only 100% natural domestic boar fat.
●The main ingredient is high quality boar fat taken from wild boars.
●Boar oil is a very high quality oil. It is a natural absorbent, moisturizer, and hypoallergenic, because it resembles human sebum mineral.
●It can be used for body care by everyone in the family from babies to the elderly.


Individual package size
46 mm (width) X 85 (height) X 46 (depth)
Individual package weight
approximately 166g
Place of Origin
Made in japan
Case size
33 X 21.5 X 24 cm
Case contents
48 pieces
Case weight
approximately 8.27kg
IM Skin cream IN
Boar oil,Vitamin E

・Skin moisturizer and protection against dry skin.
・Helps prevent blemishes and wrinkles from sunburn.
・Gives natural glow to your hair.
・Anti dandruff and itchy scalp.

Take a small amount and apply it directly to your palms. Gently spread it on your body. (Start from your scalp and work your way down to your toes)

・Please use with caution as it may cause skin irritation.
・Please refrain from using this product if it doesn't suit your skin.
・In case of any skin irregularities or damage such as scratches, swellings, eczema and rashes, please do not use this product.
・During or after use, in case of any redness, swelling, itching, irritation, bleaching (leucoderma and others) or darkening, please stop using it. Then consult a dermatology specialist or other skin experts.
・Product may melt in high temperature.
・Please keep the lid closed after using it. 

・Please keep away from direct sunlight and put it out of the baby's reach.
・Please store it in a cool place(refrigerator) when the temperature is high.
・Please keep container upright to prevent leaking.
・Consume soon after opening.

Please contact us for more information.

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