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Pinion gear

Part Name
Pinion gear
Stainless steel (SS630/ 17-4PH)
Ø2.95 mm
0.3 mm
±0.01 mm
0.03 g
0.43 µm

    We, Micro MIM Japan Holdings Inc, are experts of micro metal injection moulding. As an OEM company, we produce very small metal components according to your drawings with the high-level requirement of accuracy. 

     These are metal micro pinion gears made of stainless steel (SUS630 or 17-4PH). We can increase the hardness by post heat treatment.

    We are specialised in mass production (e.g. one million pieces/ month and more) of components with tight tolerance which is equivalent to the machining. 

    The reasons why we can achieve such high tolerance is because we deploy very fine metal powder and our technology is capable of forming components of high accuracy and smooth surface with a precise mould created by our reliable partners.

    This pinion gear's teeth are so tiny that it is very difficult to create by other conventional production methods due to its size, accuracy, and lead time caused by many processes. It is not favourable even with CNC-machining when it comes to mass production. 

    On the other hand, our technology, micro metal injection moulding (µ-MIM®) can produce them more quickly and precisely, so that it eventually leads to cost reduction.

Ø2.95 mm
0.03 g
±0.01mm(when 5mm or less)

    Its surface roughness can be achieved to 0.43 microns (µm). The additional polishing process can also be applied upon requests of customers. 

     We deploy measurement quality control system by high-resolution X-ray CT and optical measurement to make sure for our quality assurance. Moreover, our system is also able to evaluate pitch error, tooth thickness, tooth type/trace error, tooth surface error, grade certification (DIN, AGMA, JIS) of the gear we produced.

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Micro MIM Japan Holdings Inc. and its group companies cooperate as a team to cater for various needs of our customers from different parts of the world.
Manufacturing section: Taisei Kogyo Co., Ltd., TAISEI KOGYO(THAILAND) CO., LTD.

Taisei Kogyo Co., Ltd. was established in January 1972 as a plastic injection moulding manufacturer. Aside from improving our technology in the plastic injection moulding, we organised an R&D group in Kyoto Research Park about 25 years ago, to start researching on MIM technology. We utilise our knowledge and experience from the plastic injection moulding and developed original MIM material (binder system and feedstock), which makes it possible to manufacture small and complex shaped MIM components for serial production. Taisei Kogyo Co., Ltd. has obtained ISO13485 in May 2019. TAISEI KOGYO (THAILAND) CO., LTD. was established in August 2011 and started its operation in 2012. We maintain the same production standard as Japanese factory.

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