Японский продукт для очистки кровеносных сосудов насыщенные питательные вещества ароматизированный черный

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Products Description

Product name
Kakuida Organic Black vinegar 3years aged 500ml
Brand name
Place of origin

Kakuida Organic Black vinegar 3years aged 500ml
Kakuida organic black vinegar has been naturally fermented and aged over 3 years in traditinal jar.
This product is certified as organic vinegar by organic association "JAS" in Japan and 500ml bottle.

The acetic acid and amino acid are abundant in Kakuida black vinegar, and all the rich nutrients from brown rice can be easily absorbed into your body.
It gives you good blood pressure, clean blood vessel, fatigue decrease, adult disease reduction and good internal chemical balance.
Way to a long healthy life and beauty.

When you drink, please dilute with water over 10 times and drink it after meal.
The appropriate consuming amout per day is 30cc of balck vinegar.
Or you can use it for any cuisine.
Please enjyoy beautiful amber, a smooth taste, and a pure scent.

Company Profile

Fukuyama Kurozu "Kakuida" is a brewing company that makes Black vinegar by traditinal methode. It takes 3 years for ageing outside in traditinal jar.
The ingredient are organic brown rice, yeast, and ground water from Kakuida district in Fukuyama.
Fukuyama is renowned as natural black vinegar producing area and has been continuously produced it for over 200 years. Warm temperture enable acetic acid to survive naturally and it is used for fermentation.
Consumer drink Kakuida Vinegar to prevent adult desease such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, high fat, etc.,
Kakuida Black Vinegar restaurat is the first speciality vinegar restaurant in Japan. We offer over 100 item which is based on Kakuida Vinegar.

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