SAGABIYORI (премиум белый рис JUKUSEIMAI)

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Products Description

Jukuseimai Premium White Rice from Saga, Japan

Location: Saga

We handpick top quality rice grains from Saga, Japan and pour all our heart into the polishing process.
With our proprietary method, we’ve achieved deliciousness — proven by science.

It only takes a few seconds to polish rice.
So, why do we spend 24 hours?
Back in the days, people used the power of a waterwheel to polish rice. They spent 4 to 5 hours gradually removing the bran with a millstone and mallet. It turns out, this gradual process was the secret sauce to delicious rice.

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2kg / 4.4lb
5kg / 11lb

What is Jukuseimai?
Inspired by this concept, we developed our own patented method to create what we call “Jukuseimai” or Aged Rice. Instead of removing the bran in a matter of seconds with a modern machine, we use the traditional method of gently and gradually removing the bran and letting it age for 24 hours. This has been scientifically proven to activate enzymes that boost the umami and sweetness of rice.

What makes Jukuseimai so special?

✓ Boosted Umami & Sweetness
By gradually removing the bran over 24 hours, the enzymes in the rice are activated. This breaks down starch into reducing sugar and protein into amino acid. You’re left with 54% more umami and 14% more sweetness compared to regular white rice.

✓ Retained moisture for the perfect texture
The traditional polishing method prevents the temperature from rising too high. This allows the rice to retain its moisture to achieve just the right amount of stickiness.

✓ Rich in nutrients
Due to the gentle polishing process, the rice maintains
a significant amount of the germ, an essential part of rice that contains most of the nutrients like
Vitamin E and B1.

Company Description

Since 1951, Tobo Rice Group has been devoted to one thing.
To deliver delicious, authentic Japanese rice to customers around the world.
We are ISO 22000 certified for high quality food manufacturing, and we also provide OEM services to meet various needs.
Our cooked rice is actually cooked by humans, not machines. We have 140 individual round cooking pots operated by highly trained rice professionals. That’s how much we want you to experience the authentic Japanese taste.

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